Saturday, September 19, 2009

Montrose, The People Artist Showcase At Bonanzle

There is a wonderful Promotional thread going on at Bonanzle. Montrose a fellow Bonanzle member is doing the promotion. He is great at this! There has been over 3,400 views of this post and it hasn't ended yet. It will end on Saturday, September 26.

He has invited all artist of handcrafted items to join in on this promotion thread to let their art be seen. Considering there has been over 200 replies and over 3,400 views, I would say that the art work is being viewed by many.

There are also a few new handpicked lists that were made for this event also. Montrose presents -The People Artist Showcase-, The People Artist Showcase, If it's "hand-crafted", it's gotta be good, The People Artist Showcase - Montrose Presents, Wickedly Wicked,
Bonanzle Handmade Items

If you are selling handcrafted items on Bonanzle stop on over at the Promotion thread and get your name out there.

Thank You Montrose for all of the time and energy that you have put into doing this wonderful promotion for others!