Friday, October 31, 2008

Bonanzle Unofficially #10 On The PSU Listing Count Board

It's unofficial but according to the listing counts this morning, Bonanzle is #10 on the PSU listing count board! PSU has still not found it in their hearts to add the ever growing site to their board. With 264410 listings this morning and 6775 users, Bonanzle has no where to go but up! I know there are a lot of people mad with e-bay, but you have to stop and think for a minute. They really did all of us a favor! I mean if they hadn't went from bad to worse, we would have all just continued to pay listing fees, store fees and high final value fees. Not had any control over our business right down to which method of payment we would take. We would have all just stood there and took it. I guess I would like to tell the person in charge Thank You! You pushed me into looking at other sites and I am so thankful that you did! I was invited to come and have a look at Bonanzle. I can list in under 60 seconds, take the payment methods I want to take, I have no listing fees, no booth fees and the final value fees are a third of e-bay. Not to mention the community there at Bonanzle, they are the most fun I have ever had at a site! They are not ugly and ready to blast you for a question that you ask, there is always someone there to help. The customer support is real, not canned auto responses. So thank you big guy at e-bay, if you hadn't pushed so hard, I would have never looked at Bonanzle and what a real shame that would have been! I love Bonanzle and having control over MY business again! Thank you Bonanzle for being here!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have no idea where my youngest son heard of a lava lamp, but decided a few months ago that he wanted one. You want a what? Where did he learn of Lava Lamps? Of course I know what a Lava Lamp is, but him? So I thought where am I going to find him a lava lamp? You have to understand this child of 12 is really going on thirty! He comes up with some of the strangest things. But the lava lamp has to be the strangest to date. I ran across a Bonanzle Booth PACESETTER ECLECTICA located at and you are not going to believe this any more than I did! She had a lava lamp! Check it out!

Lavalampgreen_thumb155_crop Lavalamp_green2_thumb155_crop Lavalamp_green4_thumb155_crop Lavalamp_green5_thumb155_crop
RETRO LAVA LAMP-GLOWING YELLOW GLOBS W/GREEN SWIRL BASE and the price was only $8! Eight bucks! Oh how this brought back memories! I am so thrilled that I found this Bonanzle Booth! Where else was I going to find such a thing? While at her booth I also found this
Green_globe4_thumb155_crop Green_globe5_thumb155_crop Green_globe2_thumb155_crop Green_globe9_thumb155_crop
GLOWING GREEN LAVA LAMP CRYSTAL BALL! This is just to wild! The price is only $15! So folks if you are looking for something that makes you go, "where am I going to find that?!?" check out Bonanzle. I am loving this place! The listing counts this morning are at 259398 lots of things to choose from! Come on over to Bonanzle to find the impossible and met a few nice folks! Remember that most of the Bonanzle Booth owners still take Money Orders!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Listen Up Bonanzle Booth Owners

I have to tell you that I have been doing my holiday shopping for the last couple of weeks on Bonanzle and loving it. I don't have to leave my house use my gas, stand in lines and they deliver right to my door. However, I have to admit that I do check out a sellers profile prior to buying from them. I closed my e-bay store for the reason of scoring fees and having to pass those on to my customers. This was just wrong in my opinion. When I was invited to try out Bonanzle, I thought sure, why not. I spent a couple of days checking out the site and importing my items from e-bay. Everything went very well for me. I have a few sales right off the bat and continue to do so. I also edited my listings to make sure that they did NOT reflect an e-bay listing! This has to be one of my biggest issues that I have with sellers that are just to lazy to edit their listings! If they don't have time to edit their listings, they don't have time to take care of me the customer. How long will it be before they have time to answer and e-mail or mail out my purchase? Needless to say, as soon as I run across the words, bid, auction, e-bay store and the likes, I hit the back button! This is such a turn off for me. No excuse for not taking the time to clean your booth. It is very untidy to look at! Getting back to the profile page of a seller, here you can read about booth policies, shipping and return policy and whatever else the Bonanzle Booth owner wants you to know. Here is also where the Bonanzle Booth owner can list their contact information, websites, social networking profile address, Preferred IM ID, Skype ID and a contact me at for a phone number. Now I am just so amazed at the non business sense of so many of these sellers! Here at Bonanzle there are no listing fees and the final value fees are 1/3 of e-bay, no booth fees. So maybe someone reading this can help me to understand WHY any seller would put a web address leading back to their e-bay store?????? What it tells me is that they DON'T need my money they have plenty of money and love to pay higher final value fees, listing fees and store fees! So yes, I once again hit the back button. I feel that if you want to send someone to a place that has hurt lots of small business people, YOU are NOT going to get my money! I posted this question in the forums board asking why anyone would do this and the best answer that I received, “Because you just can't fix stupid.”. Sorry for the rant today, but I have shopping to do and today I seen items that I wanted to purchase, however for the reasons stated, I hit the back button.....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why Do Your Holiday Shopping at Bonanzle

This has been the easiest holiday shopping that I have ever done. Maybe because I am older.... I have been shopping on Bonanzle for the last couple of weeks. Everything that I have bought has arrived and really nice! Bonanzle Booth owners have been so helpful! This morning I bought a PSP for my son! I didn't have to leave my house, use my gas or wait in lines to checkout. I was also getting with the sweetest lady that owns Bonanzle Booth At The Boutique arranging what I needed to get for that difficult someone. She came back with a GREAT gift basket idea! She will not be sending it out until the last week of November, this means I don't have to store it! Wonderful! It also means that it will all be fresh! You can't ask for anything better than that! Not to mention the price was just super! I couldn't have went into the store and bought the items for what the total price was! Just a wonderful transaction! I also have a 74 year old mother that is so hard to buy for. She however, loves t-shirts and I found the prettiest t-shirt for her at Felicitations Bonanzle Booth. Along with t-shirts this lady has the nicest note cards! Quilts and other things in her Bonanzle Booth! There is some much more shopping to be done before I can really say that I am done. Bonanzle has just been a dream come true for me this year! With 250942 listings and 6508 users this morning, those numbers make for some great shopping! We are still #11 on the PSU listing count board, that is still unofficial, but hoping that changes soon. Remember for those of you that don't like to use electronic payment, most Bonanzle Booth owners still take Money Orders. Happy shopping to you!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bonanzle's Tickle Me Tuesday

"Tickle Me Tuesday" is tomorrow at Bonanzle! This will be a great shopping day! "Tickle Me Tuesday" is the day that Bonanzle Booth owners set sales or specials. Each Bonanzle Booth owner has some sort of special. The participating Bonanzle Booth owners is growing every week. This will be the third TMT and as of this moment there are 43 participating booths this week and growing. That is one BIG mall with lots of sales all going on all day! I love shopping at Bonanzle. I can talk with the sellers and ask questions at that moment, not having to wait for e-mails to go back and forth. I don't have to leave my house, don't have to use my gas, it is delivered right to my door. The only thing I have to do is get to the door before the kids do with all of the holiday shopping that I have been doing. Even if it's not for them, they seem to tell everything that they know. There are so many items to choose from with a listing count of 245608 and 6386 users this morning, you are bound to find what you are looking for. We are still in 11th place, unofficially, on the PSU listing counts board this morning. Oh, I love Bonanzle!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Great Finds At Bonanzle

I was doing the excited happy dance yesterday! I received my Nintendo64 system with Star Fox game from Steelhorserider's Bonanzle booth! (
Found out that my grandkids wanted a GameCube system from my son. Well now I guess I will go back and see what Vince has in the way of this system, the holidays are fast approaching. Love the real time chat at Bonanzle. Vince is there, I inquire, he listed a "package" deal for me, system, extra controller, and games it is on it's way! I will be the great grandma this year. Let me tell you about another new Bonanzle Booth RLilGems' located at they have the kewlest jewelry! Their prices are awesome! I was browsing and seen the prettiest pair of Sterling Silver .925 - Mother of Pearl Earrings. However, I was wondering what the backs looked like. Again the real time chat came in really handy and they were in their booth. I asked if the backs looked like the front and within seconds, there was a picture of the backs. Well, this was a gotta have pair of earrings for me. I got them within a couple of days, sent across the country and they are beautiful! I have marked gemjane's miniatures Bonanzle Booth located at
as a favorite for this spring. She has the most colorful flower bulbs in here booth and again her prices are wonderful.
These tulips and Hyacinth's will be my pet project next spring! They are just gorgeous! My yard is going to be so colorful! Love to garden! I have so much more shopping to do for the holidays and Bonanzle is making it very easy! Bonanzle listing count this morning is at 244681 with 6289 users! We are still 11th unofficially on the PSU listing count board, however I believe that Bonanzle will be in the top ten Monday! Remember those of you that still don't like to use electronic payments, most Bonanzle Booths still offer Money Orders. Come on over to Bonanzle and meet a few nice folks and happy shopping!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bonanzle Has Everything But the Ordinary Including Handmade Items

I thought today I would tell you about the Bonanzle Booth owners that make their items or most of the items in their booths. These are also rare finds in today's world! I have been discovering there are still people like myself that prefer to make some items. At the Boutique's Bonanzle Booth located at: makes or formulates soaps, bath & body, and home fragrancing items. Her Bonanzle Booth has very nice items and her prices are wonderful! She has things like
Wholesale Lot 500 Incense Sticks, U Pick Scents for only $9.99!
Goats Milk Lotion, LoveSpell Type $9.00 ! Now you have to remember this lady makes most of her items, so they aren't things that have been sitting on a shelf somewhere. Fresh is best. If you contact her for something special she will get right back to you and work with you. Just awesome items in her Bonanzle Booth! So if you have someone on that holiday list that is hard to buy for, like your mother in law,( my mother in law will be receiving this lady's products this year )this is a have to stop at Bonanzle Booth!
Then there is Bonanzle Booth
Cabin Fever located at: where you will find fantastic handmade items! Things like this Img_9831small_thumb155_crop Img_9824small_thumb155_crop Midwest HANDMADE QUILT country cows and haystacks. When was the last time you seen a Handmade quilt? And the wee people's table and chair set! This is the cutest set for the little people in your life!
Dsc_4744_web_size_thumb155_crop Dsc_4739_web_size_thumb155_crop Img_2475web_thumb155_crop Img_2456_thumb155_crop
Wooden Children's table and chair sets - OOAK $595.00
Or how about this

Img_8689_thumb155_crop Ebay2_thumb155_crop Img_8691small_thumb155_crop Little_rhymes_book_thumb155_crop
Rocking Horse - Wooden Orca Whale Handpainted furniture $245.00 OBO
Real old fashioned talent here at Cabin Fever's Bonanzle Booth!
Bonanzle Booth
BargainBasement located at: has this awesome
Xmaspursesmall_thumb155_crop Xmaspurse_thumb155_crop
OOAK Hand Knit Purse 4 Christmas Xmas Unique $20.00! This purse is so pretty! What a great holiday gift this would make! She also has a clutch type purse that is beautiful also handmade! You can never have enought purses! These you won't see someone else using, just you!
Bonanzle even has a booth that I have to stay away from, yeah RIGHT!
ShakeYourBonBons' is located at : has these ohhh, so luscious real home made Bon Bon's in so many different flavors! Check these out, if you dare.
Home Made English Toffee Butter Cream Bon Bons $12.00
Delicious home made and hand dipped English toffee butter cream bon bons. Each piece of candy is hand rolled and dipped individually then decorated with chocolate drizzle. The taste of these little treats is simply amazing!
1 pound of her candy will actually weigh between 1lb 2 ounces and 1lb 6 ounces. Now you tell me who wouldn't like to find these bad boys wrapped up with their name on it?!? That would be another great booth to stop at for that hard to buy for person in you life, or a just because gift for "me". There are so many sellers on Bonanzle that have handmade items that are just wonderful lots of talent! With a listing count of 242460 and 6180 users you are sure to find what you are looking for and a whole lot of nice folks. We are still in 11th place unofficially on the PSU listing count board, however I do believe by the end of the weekend we will be in the top ten!

At Bonanzle You Will Find Everything but the Ordinary!

Bonanzle does it again! Last night while once again reading the forums there, a new seller. So I pop into this new sellers booth and BAM! Here are the YuGiOh Cards that my sons having been looking for and wanting! This new Bonanzle Booth is called Creekside Games and Hobbies located at : So needless to say I start shopping again for the up coming holidays! This is great! He has loads of these cards and others. Now the really up side to this Bonanzle Booth owner Greg is his name, is that the shipping is $3 for any amount of cards! You can't go wrong with that. He is still adding inventory to his booth, so I will have to check back in a few days to see what others the boys want. What GREAT stocking stuffers! There are so many different things on Bonanzle that you don't find anywhere else. Here are some of my favorites and let me say it again, these are only some of my favorite finds. When was the last time that you seen Jolly Green Giant's Lil Sprout? Bonanzle Booth bobbi85710's located at : has the Jolly Green Giant's Lil Sprout Key chain and for only $2. Who wouldn't love to have that! He is just as cute today as he was back then! Bonanzle Booth Renagade's located at : has the coolest stuff. I found a swing album, yes swing, last week and she even made me a cd to match it!
I found a Bonanzle Booh called October Moon's Booth located at: . These are rare finds here! She has a Vintage Hansa Branta Eskimo Parka Goose Down for only $49.99! If I still lived up north that baby would be mine! This seller is a dream come true for buyers! Great communication through out the whole process and her prices are great! There I got an ET pin, autum craft book and a quilt kit for my daughter in law for the grand daughters room. Bonanzle you will find EVERYTHING but the ordinary! With 236373 listings and 6080 users you are bound to find what you are looking for.If you don't find what you are looking for, just post it in the items wanted board. I bet you will find it! Most Bonanzle Booth owners still take your Money Orders too! Come on over and check out Bonanzle, chat with a few friendly folks and meet some new friends!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nintendo64 Game System Found in New Bonanzle Booth

Yesterday I was reading the boards on Bonanzle. There was a new seller so, like always I had to go see what they were selling. I popped into the Bonanzle Booth Steelhorserider's located at: and let me tell you I was so excited. There I found a Nintendo 64 game system! You have to understand that I usually don't play these games, really don't understand them and all of the buttons on the controllers. However, I so loved to play a game called Star Fox. This is a game that you could play by yourself and "practice" flying maneuvers. Anyway my kids had traded it off for something else about a year ago. They have several game systems and I guess that the Nintendo64 was just to old for them. NOT for me, I loved that system! Well let me tell you, I now have my own Ninetendo64 system. The Bonanzle Booth owner, Vincent was even nice enough to check his stock, love the real time chat at Bonanzle, to see if he had Star Fox. YES! He had it, he listed it and I bought it! I never thought I would play that game again. I love Bonanzle! I have found so many things there to buy that you just can't get anywhere else! The prices are great! The selection is out of this world! This mornings listing count was at 227422 with 5967 users! We are still unofficially in 11th place on the PSU listing count. Bonanazle should be in the top ten by next week! That's some growth Bonanzle! And remember most Bonanzle Booth owners still take Money Orders!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bonanzle 11th in PSU Listing Count

This morning Bonanzle is 11th in the PSU listing count, with 5803 users! Talk about growth! This of course is unofficial, but according to the listing counts Bonanzle is there. Bonanzle should be in the top ten within the week! By the time that PSU makes Bonanzle official we will have made quite an entrance to the listing count board. Bonanzle will make people sit up and take notice of this "little" grassroot community! Don't take my word for it, go on over to Bonanzle and have a look around. There is such a varity of items and nice folks to chat with! Unlike other sites when you hit the discussion boards, these folks are happy and excited! Energitic! Positive! Upbeat! It is a real breath of fresh air there! I just love my new home and all of the items that I have found there to buy! Forgot to mention that most of the sellers still take Money Orders! Come on over and chat awhile, you'll be glad you did! Bonanzle Rocks!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bonanzle Booths "Tickle Me Tuesday" Today!

Today is Tuesday which means today is "Tickle Me Tueday" at Bonanzle! We have lots of Bonanzle Booths playing this week! Each Bonanzle Booth owner has set up some sort of special for today! Unlike other sites that don't want your Money Orders, guess what? WE DO! The holiday shopping is here and so is "Tickle Me Tuesday"! Take advantage of being able to chat with the Bonanzle Booth owners in real time, ask questions, make offers and just have some real fun and meet some really nice people! There are lots of items to choose from. This mornings listing count at Bonanzle is at 216591, we are still unofficially according to the PSU listing counts, in 12th place for listings! There are also 5692 users! That's an a lot of nice folks to chat with! So come on over to Bonanzle and meet some nice folks, get some great deals and have some real old fashioned fun! Remember, most of the folks at Bonanzle will still take your Money Order, if it's not listed, ask, I bet they will!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bonanzle 12th Place in Listing Count This Morning!

This morning when I checked the Listing Counts on PSU, I was extremely happy to see that we were finally in the 12th place! With 207090 listings and 5405 users we will be in the top ten in no time at this rate! Go Bonanzle! Things are going really well on this new site, my new home! I have sold more in my first 30 days at Bonanzle than I did my last thirty days at feebay! Don't forget to get involved in "Tickle Me Tuesday"! This was a lot of fun last week and I will be in on it again this week. Talked to so many people it was just a lot of fun! Also made a couple of sales too! I also got a swing cd. I am so excited. At one Bonanza, I got a Glen Miller cd! Just love that music! Only on Bonanzle can you find stuff like this! I love to just browse the Bonanzle Booths. Last night I found an ET pin! OH, had to have it for my son! Also found a quilting kit for my daughter in law to make for my grand babies room. Then I found a craft book that I just had to have! A Fall craft book! If you haven't yet checked out Bonanzle, you don't know what you are missing! The finds are just wonderful and the people are awesome! Come on over and check out the fun!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Voluntary Whole Ten Bucks A Month! For Shame!

Today I really have to vent! With all of the new listings which are at 199895 and 5222 users Bonanzle is growing very quickly. With that said, the site needs faster servers and better updated software. We all knew that the wonderful, fun, fresh site was going to grow, I just don't think that anyone could see just how fast it was going to grow. We are still as of this morning ranked 13th place in the PSU listings. Not officially, but according to the number of listings that we have. Anyway, Bonanzle needs these things to keep the site up and running smoothly. No one wants a site that is slow or error messages all of the time. Not good for business. A few days ago there was a thread on the boards of "chipping in and helping out" with donations. Donations are not an opinion with a business. Then came the ideas of Bonanzle coffee mugs, t-shirts,bumper stickers and all sorts of other items. GREAT! Who is going to pay for these items to be made up? They like most things in life are not free! So Bonanzle started a voluntary membership of either a whooping $10 a month or yet another killer of $24 a month. OH NO! Ten bucks a month! You have got to be kidding me! That is an amazing $0.33 cents a day! Would that be more than the cost of a coffee cup or t-shirt? That ten bucks a month is less than the cost of a store somewhere else where your listing are burried under everything else. That ten bucks a month is less than listing 29 items in a month somewhere else and the exposure of none. As stated in the blog by Bill, "Hey all, becoming a member does not change your positioning in the search results. I had tried to make this clear in the membership description, when I wrote “Note that we do not adjust the main body of search results for Premier Members. That would make search less relevant." The only perk I really see out of becoming a member is that I will have contributed to a great site and helped to keep it running! I do admit having the Google analytics, to see where my efforts pay off and where I am wasting my time is great, I would have become a "member" without it! It is just so funny to see all of these wonderful ideas a few days ago, people talking about what they are going to do and make and all of these ideas and then start cussing and fussing over ten bucks a month, that is completely voluntary ten bucks a month! I guess what really bothers me is when the site was having an issue the weekend before last, all of the anger and talk on the boards about it and to fix it for ten bucks a month is just unheard of! What gives? We are talking about a voluntary ten bucks! Less than the cost of setting up at a flee market one day of the week! And the talk about not wanting their little freakin green star next to their name, no they want their big coffee mug instead for $20! It takes money to run a site NOT talk!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bonanzle Grows Again This Weekend! WOW!

Bonanzle has grown in size and continues to grow. This last weekend we had 10,000 listings added and about 300 new users. I would say that this site is growing at the speed of sound. WOW! As with any new site we are going to experience some "growing pains" and we have and I am sure that we will have more. This only means that the site is constantly growing which is a good thing. I can say that the support that you receive from Bonanzle is far better than any site that I have used. These guys are on the growing pains as soon as they start happening! The site is always "fixed" within a couple of minutes and running great again. Will I continue to stay with Bonanzle and grow with Bonanzle? You bet! As with any new business, things are going to happen, even with an older business things happen. Considering that Bonanzle has only been up and going since June 2008, I would say that this site will be the biggest site to come. With 186217 listing count and 4540 users as of this morning and still in 13th place in listing sites counts we will be there in no time at all! The people, community are wonderful. They are there to help each other, laugh and have fun! You won't find a better buying or selling enviroment anywhere!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bonanzle Booths Tickle Me Tuesday!

Just in time for the holiday shopping one Bonanzle Booth owner of Wicked Scents located at has started a "Tickle Me Tuesday". This is going to be a lot of fun for sellers and buyers alike. Bonanzle Booth owners that want to take part sign up for the event. On Tuesday the Bonanale Booth owners make a special if you will for that Tuesday. Brightest Blessings Wiccans will have 5% off and as always free shipping. You will have to come on over to to find out what Bonanzle Booths will be at the event and what their specials will be. There is something at Bonanzle for everyone. The site has 171335 listings, and lots of stuff added daily! We are 4012 users strong! That makes Bonanzle the 13th site on the Power Sellers Unite listing counts boards! Remember there are Bonanzle Booth owners that still take Money Orders and a few even take personal checks!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bonanzle Booth Owners Take Money Orders and Some Even Take Checks for Your Holiday Shopping!

With the holiday shopping here, it is getting harder and harder to find on line sites that will still take money orders and personal checks. Bonanzle is the answer! Most of the Bonanzle Booth owners take money orders and checks as well as Google Checkout and the not so popular PayPal. If it is not listed that they will take a money order, I would bet that if you asked them, they would be more than happy to do so. I know that I don't offer to take money orders, however I have taken many Postal Money Orders in the past. There are still a lot of people that will not give there personal information on the internet and who can blame them. Bonanzle Booth owners are friendly and love to work with people. You can stop and chat with them in their Bonanzle Booth. With 166281 listings as of this morning and being the 13th site in listings, there is a wide varitety of goods offered at Bonanzle. There are 3913 friendly users! So if you are looking to start you holiday shopping and need to pay with a money order stop over at Bonanzle and chat with a few of the Bonanzle Booth owners, make some new friends, find some good deals and start that holiday shopping without all of the stress. Come on over and join the fun at Bonanzle!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bonanzle Speeds Up

While having my coffee this morning, I headed for the Bonanzle forum. To my surprise there was another Bonanzle Blog written last night by Bill. I learned that they updated their main Javascript library. What does this mean to you and me? It means that the pages are going to load even faster than they did before! They also and this is a big one for myself and a lot of buyers and sellers alike, they updated that little edit button for the checkout page. No more going to the land of no return because you missed the edit button before you hit the checkout button. That little edit button is not not so easy to miss, a more prominent edit button! This is a HUGE improvement to the checkout system. "We now import eBay Motors listings, and our HTML importer has gotten a lot smarter about importing HTML attributes with UPPER-CASED NAMES (e.g., my bold element). We also now strip out style, script, and object tags, rather than leaving them in to ugly-up your imported items. " This I took out of the Bonanzle Blog. Not to hip about all of that HTML stuff, however I hear others talk about it and it is a concern for them. They also added extra web servers. This means during peak periods of site activity, there won't be that lag while we chat with each other or a lag with our pages loading. These Bonanzle Boys never stop amazing me! This site is so different than other sites. I love Bonanzle. This morning Bonanzle's listing count was at 162575 that puts us in 14th place in all of the sites listed on Power Sellers Unite and 3813 users! This site is full of caring helping people who work hard and love what they do! Come on over and join the fun at Bonanzle!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Bonanzle Booth, Brightest Blessings Wiccans

Like I said in an earlier post, I had started out on another site, however I had to keep raising my prices to cover the never ending fees. I didn't want to continue to raise prices so I was invited by someone to come and have a look at Bonanzle. WOW! I sure am glad that I took a few minutes of my time to check them out. I was told that it wouldn't take me 60 seconds to make a listing, yeah right, I thought. No kidding, Bonanzle is truly a one click listing procedure and it can be done in under 60 seconds. You can even crop your pictures at the same time, so everything is done, bam. My wooden Book of Shadows are all handmade my me. Special orders are always welcome. They can be safely expanded to 4 inches and larges if needed. Easy to take apart and rearrange your book when needed or to add to it. My tarot boxes are also handmade by me. Your tarot deck will fit nicely in them or can be used to hold stones, herbs or what nots on your altar. My latest are the complete altar kits. The wooden boxes hold everything neatly in them. I make the clay chime candle holers and the incense burners are also made of clay. What you see in the pictures are what you are getting. I set everything up to take the pictures and then tucked everything back into their wooden boxes. They are great for someone that travels or has a small apartment. There are also bracelets and a couple necklaces with pentacles, triquetras and my favorite are the pentacle hidden in the circle of hearts. Then there are of course those little gotta have items too. Grab yourself a cup of your favorite herbal tea and come check out my Bonanzle Booth located at:

The listing count this morning is at 160107 with 3691 users!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Went to a Couple of Bonanzas at Bonanzle this Weekend

Well this weekend was a great weekend for Bonanzas at Bonanzle this weekend. I went to three of them. The first was at AGypsysWhim Bonanzle Booth located at :
This cute little booth has something for everyone. And with 50% off who could resist? Not I! The prices here are wonderful even at full price and the shipping is combined. So many cute items! The next one that I went to was at my favorite booth BubbleBars Bonanzle Booth located at :
This booth has the most amazing bath items! The bath bombs are to die for! With over 460 scents to chose from! This is going to be my number one booth for my holiday shopping. Everyone that has tried them, has told me they are the most wonderful bath bombs they have ever used. Going to make great gifts! The third Bonanza at Bonanzle that I went to was at Magnetic Breeze Bonanzle Booth located at:
This booth was having 25% off and also combined the shipping! Very nice magnetic bracelets and necklaces too! You are sure to find something there for that hard to buy person in your life. This booth will be having another Bonanza at Bonanzle again on the 10th of October! Make sure to put it on your calendar! With the holidays fast approaching, get out to and find out when those Bonanzas are happening! Your wallet will be very happy that you did! The listing count as of this morning is at 157998 and the user count is at 3569 WOW! That is some kind of growth! Come on over and join the fun at Bonanzle!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bonanzle is GROWING!

Today the listing count is at 153775 and a whooping 3387 users! What growth this site has had. That's a little over 4000 listings in one day and a few more users too! The site is running super fast this afternoon and just in time for the Bonanzas that are scheduled to take place. Have to get this finished up and head on over to Bonanzle to get some more shopping done for the up coming holidays. There are also of course those just got to have items, you just can't live without. Just a little up date on the growing site of Bonanzle! Oh, and don't forget that most Bonanzle Booth owners still take Money Orders! Come on over and see us at Bonanzle!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Bonanzle is Amazing!

Yesterday there was an issue with a customer trying to checkout. At Bonanzle you as a seller have the choice as to your payment types. Google Checkout, Paypal, Checks, Money Orders, and many others that I have never heard of. Bonanzle lets you the seller run your business the way that you see fit. Anyway back to yesterday and the issue of checking out. If you take Google Checkout, it is set as the default checkout. When you receive your invoice, you as the customer now have the choice as to how you would like to pay. BEFORE hitting that checkout button, you have to edit the payment choice or you will be forced into using Google Checkout, you have now entered the land of no return. I know this from my first purchase, I too was unaware of the tiny edit button at the bottom, didn't matter I have both Google and PayPal. Here is the AMAZING Bonanzle part, the seller contacted customer support, yes, they really do answer their e-mails and respond. Mark got involved in the issue, contacted the seller, and buyer! AMAZING that he should get involved in this. He did, and they are now working on making changes to the edit payment button! I guess that I am still in awe of the real support at Bonanzle! They really do care and it shows! Bonanzle cares what sellers think and need and what the buyers think and want! The listing counts this morning at Bonanle is at 149700 and the user count is at 3331 ! WOW! Bonanzle is AMAZING!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bonanzle Speeds Up

Bonanzle is truly unique in the fact that they believe that the sellers need to know what is going on and and when. There is no guessing at Bonanzle whether there is a problem or updates being done to the site. These guys hit the discussion boards and let us know what is going to happen and when. Unlike the other site, you just never knew if it was a glitch or something that they were doing to the site. At Bonanzle, we are told in advance of up coming changes and when they will be done. In just the last week we have received a combined shipping discounts, the WYSIWYG Editor and now last night they double the server’s capacity, and by Friday they will be “faster still on Friday when I use our server's oodles of memory to add 50% more web servers to our cluster of them (translation from tech speak: it's going to keep getting faster) “ (Taken from the Bonanzle Blog on site) Not only did they do all of this in one night, they also added links on our Bonanzle page that are really useful and kewl. They also added a couple of blog entries and responded to the discussion boards. I would say the the Bonanzle Boys had a very long and productive night last night! The results from their effort are seen this morning while surfing on Bonanzle, very quick page loads! A job well done! I would encourage anyone that is looking for a new home or has had issues with other sites, to do yourself and your business a favor and just have a look at the site and the discussion boards. We currently have 146079 listings and 3196 users. Not to shabby for a site that started in June of this year and just came out of beta in September of this year! Bonanzle is cruising at very high altitudes. Come on over to Bonanzle and have a look.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My First Purchase On Bonanzle Was At Bubble Bars!

I must say that I tend to shop where I sell. I just figure it's good business. So I found this wonderful little booth called Bubble Bars. I just had to have a look, it couldn't hurt, she was having a Bonanza! What's a Bonanza you ask? It is a scheduled sale set up by the booth owner. She was having 20% off! Yes! So off to shopping I went. It was very easy to drag your item to your shopping cart and move on. I purchased these items called bath bombs. Now for those of you that don't know what they are, besides the fact that you can choose over 460 scents, they are beautiful! They are all handmade and made to order, in your color, design and scent. They are huge bigger than a tennis ball. I also purchased soap that was in the shape of a shot glass and smelled of spiced rum. It really looks like a shot glass with contents, very kewl and all of it is soap. Not a container containing soap! Hairspray in over 460 scents! WOW! Now to pay my bill. For the first time ever, I was using Google Checkout to pay for my items. It was so easy and fast. I waited a couple of days and received my goodies. Before opening the box, I could smell the wonderful smells of my items, I was so excited to be opening my box. These bath bombs made my entire house smell absolutely wonderful! I have to caution you though, this has now become an addiction! I can't wait for her next Bonanza which is October 4,2008 at noon Texas time. A great seller with wonderful handmade products made just for you! She answers her e-mails and ships promptly! She has a great passion for what she does and all of your items reflect it! You can find her at: