Sunday, September 28, 2008

Customer Service at BONANZLE is Truly Customer Service

I just can't say enough good things about “BONANZLE”! Customer service is a thing of the past, at least in most places. Not at “BONANZLE”, customer service is less than a 24 hour turn around with real answers. Bill and Mark don't respond to your e-mails with the auto-responder canned answers. If there is ever an issue with the site it is never more than a few minutes before it is running smoothly again. They even hit the discussion boards! They are very quick to keep you up to date as to any situations that may be happening or going to happen. Like the new WYSIWYG Editor and the combined shipping discounts. They want to hear what the sellers would like to see on the site and they really do listen.

They have a great sense of humor too! Boy do they. You have got to attend a Bonanza just to hear the music! They are real people with real answers to real issues. They have worked very hard to build what I and many others feel is the best alternative to e-bay. The site has a very fresh and clean look to it. Very easy to navigate too. The “BONANZLE” logo is, “Find Everything But the Ordinary”. WOW, the way things use to be somewhere else. They have enough vision to see that it was never broken and there was no reason to fix it. Lots of small to medium sellers selling what they love. Most of these sellers have too found a new home here on “BONANZLE”. They are the sellers that worked hard to take care of their customers and love what they do. They aren't trying to get rich, they are just trying to pay the bills. They too know what customer service is and provide great service to their customers. If you are looking for a new home or maybe a first home, let me invite you to come and see what a refreshing site really looks and feels like

Friday, September 26, 2008

How I Started My Business

I started making items for friends and it has just grown from there. I started out so excited setting up my store at e-bay. I worked very long hours making sure my store was pretty,pleasing to the eye and yet easy to navigate. I wanted everything perfect, no better than perfect. I wanted to be able to sell my handmade wooden Book of Shadows at a cost that everyone that wanted one could afford. I spent weeks looking and talking with wholesale people. Making sure that I was getting what I was looking for and not cheap junk. E-mails went back and forth, money sent for samples, I finally had the people that I wanted to buy my supplies from. Things were going along so well. My clients were very happy people. They would e-mail me to tell me that they had received their items and how thrilled they were. Business was moving in a very forward direction and then.....e-bay decided to change the rules. They not only change the rules, they raised their fees again this year. This was NOT good for my business or my clients. They no longer want to take checks or money orders. E-bay may not want my clients that send me a money order, however I adore them! So now what? Raise my prices....that's not the way I wanted to run my business. I had done my homework finding the right suppliers the ones with the great products and prices that take care of me, so in turn I could take care of my clients. E-bay had not only done me wrong, they had also done my clients wrong. So now the ball was back in my court, I had to find a site that would take care of the sellers, so that I could once again take care of my clients. I started looking, looked for weeks reading everything that I could find about other sites. Then I ran across this article with comments. I believe it was on There was a comment that if you wanted more information about this new wonderful up and growing site to send an e-mail. Not that I had any doubts, however there were so many of the same articles that I had read that were going to be bigger than e-bay. I usually don't respond to things like this, but I was drawn to it. So I e-mailed wanting to now where this wonderful new site was. Before the night was over I had an answer from the lady that I owe, Henrietta of Felicitations. She sent me an invite to BONANZLE! I went to the site and the first thing that I have learned to check are the boards. I do this to find out what the tone is on the site. You can really tell a lot about a site by reading those boards. These people were really happy, together people! There were no harsh words or mean words there, none! I was in awe! So I kept reading knowing that I would find someone there that had something bad to say about something. I didn't....The next day, I started loading my "booth" at BONANZLE! It is the coolest site I have been to. You can talk to your clients in real time, no kidding. The "booth" fees per month, are you sitting down? Zero dollars and zero cents! The listing fees are, stay seated, zero dollars and zero cents. Now here is the really had to believe final value fees, I said stay seated!
Final Offer Value 1Fee
Less than $10$0.50 ($0 if registered during beta)
Less than $50$1
Less than $100$3
Less than $1000$5
$1000 or more$10
Oh, but is does get better, but that will be tomorrows blog. BONAZNLE has over 100k listings and over 2700 users. I have more traffic at my new home BONANZLE than I did somewhere else. I am so happy to be here, I love it! (and the people too!)