Sunday, February 15, 2009

Auction Wally's Brainstorming Bonanzle With Guest Renagade

Tomorrow night Monday, at 8 p.m. est, is the Auction Wally show Brainstorming Bonanzle. This show is a must listen to for any lon line sellers. If you take one item from the show and commit to use it, you will be ahead. This man has lots to offer and more than willing to share his knowledge.

The show is co-hosted by Phaedra of @ the boutique, a very friendly professional seller. She is willing to help those that ask and are serious to make things happen.

This weeks show will have Renagade as a guest. Renagade, Susan Leak has Bonanzle booth Renagade's. Renagade's specializes in vinyl and biker goods. She has been involved in on line sales since 2007. A very friendly professional seller. Willing to help those that ask for help. She is just a super person to work with.

Looking forward to tomorrow nights show. Like the others will be full of inforomation and loads of fun.

Bonanzle got up and going on the new server this week. Bonanzle is still #4 on the PSU listing board. Currently there are 30,434 users, 9,024 Bonanzle booth owners and 461 supporting members.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brainstorming Bonanzle "Discussion Boards" Teriffic Show!

If you missed the Auction Wally Brainstorming Bonanzle show last night you missed an excellent show. The show was "How we use the Discussion Board on Bonanzle", a very informative show with some very good feedback from all who attended. Great information for all chat forums not just Bonanzle.

No matter what community you are in, there is going to be a few negative Nelly's, just the way it is. However, how you choose to handle it is the key. You can engage in this type of behavior or ignore it, all together.

There are some folks that are new to the internet and don't understand that every time a comment is made in a negative thread it will bring it back to the top. The key to the negative threads is to ignore them and they will go away. Make no comments to it, put it to rest.

I have to tell you I love this new word that I have learned, "snarkey"! Not really even sure of the spelling of it. Never heard it before the Auction Wally show and his co-host Phaedra from @the booutique used it. Snarkey comments are from what I understand of it, directed at someone or just a nasty comment.

Again how you choose to handle the snarkey comment is up to you. Continue to make comments to that thread and it just continues to come to the top, which in turn gets exposure. This is what that poster has wanted, the attention. Don't give it to them, make no comment.

Yes, there are people that come to the boards for help. If things get out of hand or ugly, send them a text message with the answers they are needing, don't continue to give attention to a poster that is seeking attention.

With the growth that Bonanzle is experiencing, there are going to be things said in the forums that are taken the wrong way. This is true of any forum, you can not hear the tone of their voice or that little grin or wink to know how this is being said. If you are in any doubt about a post you are writing and the way it will be taken, don't post it.

The Bonanzle forums have been just super for answers and ideas for promoting. For the most part there is a large group of folks there that take time to answer questions and help when it is needed. The forums on Bonanzle are probably the best I have seen. Just chalk it up to growing pains.

Bonanzle is still #4 on the PSU listing board with 1,203,924 listings. There are currently 28,980 users of those users 8,638 have a Bonanzle booth. Currently there are 432 supporting members.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bonanzle I Don't Agree With You On This One

Bonanzle is still #4 on the PSU listing count this morning with 1,136,620 listings. Currently there are 27,777 users of those users, 8,208 are Bonanzle booth owners and of those owners, 406 are supporting Bonanzle members. This means that less than 5% of the booth owners are supporting members.

Today when logging in, there is a new front page made up of the handpicked lists. Everything was red, assuming this had to do with Valentines Day. Everything looked new. Now I maybe wrong about this, but Bonanzle was selling Bonanzle as not the shiny new stuff. What just happened here?

Not quite sure what prompted this change of the front page. The old front page was very inviting, The pictures exploded into new ones and changed all of the time. Now it just sits there with what appears to be shiny new stuff.

It would seem to be more of a priority at Bonanzle to make a sellers page. Seem to be spending a lot of time checking and rechecking myself on what has shipped or has had feedback. To much wasted time. What has been paid for and offers that need attention. There needs to be more backend features at this time rather than a new front page.

When I became a supporting member, it was for the future of my business. No supporting members no new servers. Bottom line you can't run a business without money to do so. Not to many sales were coming in, so not to much in final value fees were being paid. The supporting member seemed to be the way to go to insure the future of my business.

As a supporting member there were a few perks. One perk is the Google Analytics, this is critical for me to see where my traffic is coming from. Wasted time is money. Another perk is that your items were twice as likey to show on the front page.

This is no longer a perk for me. I sell Pagan and Wiccan items, there is no chance in this realm that my items will be on the front page. I know this, I am not foolish.

So I did a little checking this morning on the front page handpicked lists. One list has a total of 6 of the 20 items that are supporting members. Another list has 8 supporting members items out of the 20.

So now I guess I need to consider dropping my supporting membership and spending that $24 a month in other areas of advertising. At this time with the economy the way that it is and being a small seller, it just doesn't make good business sense for me to continue to be a supporting member.

It also doesn't make to much sense for a lot of new members to become supporting members. There are less than 5% supporting members of the site and to take away something as small as front page just doesn't seem like a wise business move. Only time will tell........

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bonanzle Is Rocking

Bonanzle is still in the #4 spot on the PSU listing count board this morning. There are currently 24,750 users, of those users 8,093 are booth owners and 402 are supporting members.

This week in Bill's Bonanzle blog "A Couple Changes, A Couple Stats" has some of the new features of Bonanzle. Some really nice changes, the buy page has been revamped, and now with the handpicked lists will appear on the front page with 20 items.

With the growth happening daily, or should I say hourly, Bonanzle will be be doubling the server capacity again next week, this was done not so long ago and will be happening again.

If you want t o see the stats for Janurary, you are going to have to read Bill's Bonanzle blog. Well worth the read, leave him a comment too.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought I would share some of the great finds that I have found on Bonanzle. All of the sellers that I have done business with have been great.

Effusionality Emporium is a new Bonanzle booth with lots of pretty things.

212783395_tp_thumb200 Lovely Peacock Handblown Fragrance Lamp $26.00
212783370_tp_thumb200 Beautiful Fragrance Lamp - Black Tapestry $32.00
221061293_tp_thumb200 Yellow with Multi Spheres Handblown Fragrance Lamp $20.00
Effusionality Emporium excepts PayPal and Google Checkout, and does combine shipping.

Sterling Drangonfly's Bonanzle booth has beautiful jewelry at very reasonable prices and a super person to work with!
D1be_1_thumb200 Amethyst citrine bead earrings dangle sterling silver
Rose quartz celestial sun earrings dangle sterling
$20.00 These are so unique!
Tibetan ten symbols turquoise coral sterling $92.00 She has something in everyone's price range. She takes PayPal payments and her shipping prices are great, also combines.

City Chic's
Bonanzle booth will leave you drooling! There are some gorgeous finds here!
NEW ED HARDY SKY BLACK PATENT LEATHER SILVER TIGER PUMPS 6 $122.95 These are just o die for! Also available in Red. Very hot indeed!
New Hurley Pink Funky Logo Zip-Up Soft Hoodie S $29.95 Just a WOW hoodie! She excepts PayPal and Money Orders, for payment. She also combines shipping.

Bonanzle is a great place for buyers and sellers. Come on over meet some really nice folks and get some really great deals.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bonanzle A Week In Review

Bonanzle has just had an awesome week! After being named the best eBay alternative in July by Ecommerce Guide, Bonanzle was again named the best eBay alternative last week, this time by SmallBusinessComputing! This is no mean feat! Bonanzle has only been out of beta for a very short 5 months.

Bonanzle also hit the million listing count this past week. Actually it hit the million count more than once, before it stuck. Then by Sunday, Bonanzle hit the 25,000 user mark. There are currently 25869 users and 1,061,543 listings!

With all of the excitement we were given new Bonanzle logos, made by Christy, new forum boards, a new search page, given a feature to delete all of our chat out of the chat box at one time, and given links to the person in chat.

We were also down for 7 minutes on Saturday to get more disk space for the servers, to make things run smooth, which happenened without a hitch. Happy belated Birthday Alex and a job very well done!

This morning I check the "what's new" page and we now have a new invoice on the counter offer a place to add the shipping. There were more things done last night, however you will have to take a stroll over to Bonanzle and read it.

Bonanzle has so much positive energy going on all of the time. If you have not checked Bonanzle to buy or shop, you need to do yourself and your budget a favor. Come on over to Bonanzle to meet some really nice folks and get some really great deals!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bonanzle Off Line For 7 Minutes Saturday

Yesterday Bonanzle went off line for about 7 minutes to add more disk space to the server. I do believe that it was only in November that this was done, Bonanzle has had some kind of growth. Bill let everyone know this was going to happen in advance in his Bonanzle blog.
This morning the listing count is at 1,046,613 and 24,802 users. Of those users 7,247 have a Bonanzle booth and of those Bonanzle booth owners 388 are supporting members.

With growth also comes change which we all know is not going to make everyone happy, no matter what you do. There has been so much "promoting" in the forums that now there is a special place in the forums just for promoting your booth called of course, "Promote Your Booth".

There have been some very creative people who have come up with tickle me tuesday, friends on friday, auctions, limbo and a few other ways to sell. So Bill has put yet another spot in the forums just for "Buying and Selling Games".

On the front page there is yet another place that will show the Bonanzle booth that is having a Bonanza and when. You set up the day and time and your "special" for that three hour block. Once you have done this it is then shown on the Bonanza page.

Promoting also has to be done off Bonanzle for your booth, your business. Promoting in the forums in the correct place is great and that is where it should be done. It seems the latest craze is now to go to someones booth and leave them a message in their chat box advertising their booth. This is the most unprofessional form of advertistment I can think of.

Don't forget the Auction Wally "Brainstorming Bonanzle" show is tomorrow night at 8 est. This is where you will learn to promote your business, what works and doesn't work. There is always lots of great information at his show. If you take just one idea and use it, you will be ahead of the game.