Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Auction Wally Goes Live Auction On Bonanzle

Get this on your calendar, Auction Wally is going to do a live auction at his Bonanzle Booth on Saturday, January 10,2009 at noon eastern time! This will be his first live auction at his Bonanzle booth!

Auction Wally is a licensed MA auctioneer with over 25 years experience. His auctions no matter where they are at, are no reserve, no minimum. The way auctions were met to be!

He is also a writer for the National Online Newspaper, The, he writes an Antique Column just full of information. He also has two talk shows, Brainstorming Bonanzle and The AuctionWally Show. Both of these shows are so much fun and the information is tremendous. If you do just one thing that this man suggests from each show you will increase your traffic.

Auction Wally has also set up a ning network, The AuctionWally Network. This is a fairly new site, however the information here is just great! Lots of nice folks there with the same interests.
Lots of pictures too.

He also has his own site AuctionWally. This is a very cool site lots of information here. I am a picture freak and he has lots. He does online appraisals which can be found at his AuctionWally Bonanzle Booth. Not to mention his Audio Book CD Selling Your Valuables in Tough Times.

If you are just starting out or been at it many years, this man is the man to follow around. He has a wonderful sense of humor and so much knowledge that he is willing to share, just for the asking.

Make sure to mark your calendars and come join the first live Auction Wally auction! Very exciting indeed!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bonanzle On The Super Sized Side

Bonanzle has had some huge growth in just a few short months. With 15869 users and just a little over 3000 Bonanzle Booth owners with 597354 listings this site is moving up. On the Auction Wally "Brainstorming Bonanzle" at, there had been a few limited discussions about Bonanzles growth and large sellers moving onto the site.

There were mixed feelings about the large sellers coming to the site after the work of buiding it up and taking over with their thousands of listings. Buried listings seemed to be a concern as well as turning Bonanzle into something we had all left behind.

Change is good, although at times seems to be a very hard to do. If the other site had not made so many changes, that never seem to end, I and a lot of other folks would have continued to stay right there. In this case change was a very good thing. Bonanzle was born and the change of selling on another venue was a very good change. A very welcomed change!

Growth for a site is very good as long as it is planned for. I am sure that many still have doubts about what will become of Bonanzle when we are super sized. Will the small to medium sellers still have a home that they have all worked at building? Will it still be a friendly and very helpful community?

Last night Bill posted a new Bonanzle Blog that is well worth the read! Titled, "You Wonder: What Happens When We're Huge?". My take on this is that Bonanzle will not change nor the community, we will just super size. Bill and Mark are still answering their e-mails, still posting on the boards, still have their Bonanzle booths and still making improvements to the site.

If your are looking for a new selling or buying venue, you really need to take a few minutes and check out Bonanzle. Bonanzle is like a large family if someone needs help more than one will be there to help. The deals are wonderful and the items are so unique! The real time chat is just awesome, you can haggle right there on the price, no waiting for e-mails to be exchanged, or set up a time to meet in a booth and chat away. Come on over to Bonanzle, met some really nice folks and get yourself some really great deals.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thank You Bonanzle!

This year is quickly coming to a close another year gone. Bonanzle born in 2008, has had a wonderful first year! So many firsts for this new selling venue, so many wonderful things. Bonanzle has truly been a blessing for so many sellers.

With e-bay wanting to get rid of the small sellers and go to the big box sellers there didn't seem to be to many real options for the small seller. Then along comes Bonanzle! Our hero!

The rising cost of doing business on e-bay ( seemed to be rising for the small seller only) was not going to work for me or my customers. Every time they raised their prices I had to do the same.
Passing on the cost to my customers.

I started out selling my items at a cost that everyone could afford and having to keep raising those prices to cover e-bay fees, well it just wasn't working for me any longer.

Then e-bay decides that sellers are only allowed to take their other company's method of payment PayPal. Well let me say there are lots of people that don't have a PayPal account and will NOT give their information on line. Yes, I take money orders and will continue to do so. Just not at e-bay. Yes, I have even taken personal checks.

E-bay use to be a fun place to sell and to buy, not any more. I use to buy everything on e-bay. I liked buying unique items that I was able to find there, not any more.

I have found a new home, one that is fun again to buy and to sell. One that I can once again find the unique items that I love to buy. One that I can run my business the way that I see fit to run it. One that allows me to take any kind of payment that I want to take. One that has no listing fees, no booth fees and the final value fees are nothing to worry about.

Bonanzle is now my new home! The founders Bill and Mark have made selling fun again! So simple to list, one small page to list, add up to four pictures and crop them at the same time. One click listing!

Bonanzle has grown to become #6 on the PSU listing count board has 564991 listing with 15464 users and 3002 Bonanzle Booths. That is some kind of growth!

The Bonanzle community is so friendly and helpful! If anyone has a question they can go to the boards and within minutes they will have an answer. Not a rude response, but a real answer. There have also been loads of "Secret Santas" at Bonanzle. What a feeling to receive a package not knowing what is inside with your name on it, just makes you feel like a child again.

I want to thank Bill and Mark for all of the endless hours of work that they have put into Bonanzle! These guys answer your e-mails, not an auto response canned answer, but they really answer your e-mails. They show up on the fourms and respond to posts. They even have their own Bonanzle Booths. They have given small sellers something to look forward to again!

They have given the small sellers back their business! They have given us hope again. They have given me a reason to expand my business in 2009! Something that I had just pretty much hadn't even thought about. I haven't been this excited since I first started selling on line.

Thank you Bill, Mark and the whole Bonanzle community for all that you do and continue to do! You are an awesome group of people! Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Excellent Week For Bonanzle

Bonanzle has had a most excellent week. On Thursday the 18th Bonanzle hit the half million items listed and today Sunday, the 21st we will hit the 15000 user mark! That is some kind of grass roots effort in a very short amount of time. Congratulations to Bill and Mark and the whole Bonanzle community! A job well done, however not finished by a long shot.

It is official Bonanzle hit the 15000 member mark at 2:47 p.m. est on 12/21/08! Kimkav is the 15000 new Bonanzle member. Welcome to Bonanzle!

Bill's little surprise a few days ago also included redirect link for Bonanzle booths. Now when using your url, you no longer need to use "booth" . Way to kewl!

Currently there are 2927 Bonanzle booths, which means there are lots of new users, that are buyers.

If you have a Bonanzle booth it is critical that you use the Google Feed to upload your product to the Google search. There are many more sales coming into the site from the Google search. If you are needing help with this you can see the thread "All Googe Base Posts Are In One Post Here". Make sure to read the first post. This thread will answer most questions.

Sandy of BargainBasement Bonanzle booth is an asset to the Bonanzle community! She has set up simple how to's and lists them as freebies in her Bonanzle Booth complete with screen shots. So for those that need just a little more help with the Google Base feeds this is wonderful. Thank you Sandy for all that you have done and continue to do!

If all else fails then just contact Mark and he will set it up for you! Please make sure to read his post and send all of the information that he is asking for. Tell me of another site where one of the site owners is willing to set up your Google feed?

If you are looking for a community friendly site to buy or sell then you really need to check out Bonanzle! You will be oh so glad that you did!

Friday, December 19, 2008

New Things This Morning At Bonanzle

This morning after logging into Bonanzle, there is another one of Bill's Blogs, "Indulgent Snow Day". He has once again worked through out the night on new features at Bonanzle. This guy just doesn't sleep. He also has a great sense of humor, well worth a read to start your day with a smile.

Bill has added the calculated shipping cost from the items page. This means that you no longer have to get to checkout to discover what the shipping charges will be. It will go from your zip code if you are logged in, if not you will have to enter a zip code. This I do believe will help with sales for lots of sellers. I don't like to be surprised at the shipping charges at checkout.

Bill has also added the smiley's to the e-mails, hand picked items list and blog comments. You can now add pictures, bold and italics. The smiley's have thrilled many on the forums.

Now this next one has been something that loads have asked for and have now gotten. A user can now search for another user in the search with their user ID. This search will also bring up the users hand picked list.

He has also made it so that when you are switching between pages in a booth, the page no longer has to refresh, less time to load.

Bill's late night update says, "I just decided the next fun thing to add, and I added it. But I'm going to leave it as an Easter egg for some sleuth to uncover. I'll give you one hint: it'll help with your business cards." Like I said, he has a sense of humor.

Bonanzle is still #6 on the PSU listing count board this morning, with 14606 users. This is some kind of growth!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bonanzle Has Over A Half Million Listings!

Another milestone for Bonanzle was hit yesterday with a listing count of over a half million! The PSU listing count board shows Bonanzle is still in the #6 slot. Currently Bonanzle has 14452 users and 2868 Bonanzle Booth owners.

Bonanzle has also been nominalted for Small Business Computing 2009 for best e-bay alternative. The results will be announced January 28,2009. Be sure to make your vote count.

ECommerence-Guide Essentials
yesterday did an article on "Our Picks For Top e-bay Alternatives". This is from the article, "Bonanzle carries the title of the fastest growing alternative ever, and every month since July, Bonanzle's traffic has either doubled or nearly doubled."

If you are looking for a true alternative to e-bay without all of the hassles, constant changing of your listings, PayPal only payment, auto response canned answers, and the high cost of listing and selling, come on over to Bonanzle and check it out.

Bonanzle has NO listing fees, NO booth fees, and very small final value fees. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bonanzle Takes #6 On PSU Board !

This morning Bonanzle is # 6 on the PSU listing count board! A day later than I thought it would happen, however it did! Bonanzle has 14123 users this morning and 2822 Bonanzle Booths! Bonanzle is growing at a rapid rate everyday!

There is also a new Bonanzle Blog this morning "help us test a new server". I don't understand all of this techional stuff, but I am sure it is going to help the site more with international sales!

The Auction Wally show Brainstorming Bonanzle went on even with an ice storm. Auction Wally showed up and Mitzi too! As usual it was a great show! If you missed the show you can listen to it and read the chat too! It was almost a two hour show! Lots of fun and loads of information!

There is always something new at Bonanzle! Come on over and met some real nice folks and get some great deals!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bonanzas At Bonanzle!

If you aren't finished with that holiday shopping, I would hurry on over to Bonanzle! Bonanzas at Bonanzle are sales. These sales are set up ahead of time and each Bonanzle Booth owner runs a different sale or specials. This is a great way to get some wonderful gifts and save some money at the same time! Each Bonanzle Booth has a set time, so browse and note the time to return for the Bonanza.

BarbaraHaviland's Bonanzle Booth is offering a 10% off.

Brand Name Bargains For Less
is offering 20% discount.

KayCee Studios is offering a 15% discount.

Dream Scapes Gel Candles is offering a 20% discount.

Beaded Baubles and More is offering a 15% discount.

Edi's Treasures is offering a 15% discount.

Simple Pie Beads is offering a 10% discount.

Bonanzas that will be happening 12/16/08 at Bonanzle are:

More Junk 4u will be offering a 30% discount.

Pegs Place will be offering a 25% discount.

Felicitations will be offering a 10% discount.

By Velma George
will be offering a 15% discount.

Beewitchings Items will be offering a 20% discount.

Make sure to check out the Bonanzas that are always going on at Bonanzle. Some really great deals to be found and some real nice folks to met!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bonanzle And The Ice Storms

Bonanzle has had so many of it's members affected by the ice storms. The Bonanzle site itself has been running just ever so swiftly. However, many of the Bonanzle family members have been without power which in turn means no internet connection.

Auction Wally left a message on Twitter that the Brainstorming Bonanzle show scheduled for Monday at 8 p.m. eastern time may not happen this week. He said this morning on Twitter that they have limited pc use.

Just in off of Twitter: Mitzi Auction Wally's co-host WILL be doing the show."
Brainstorming Bonanzle should go on as scheduled Monday night - I got the log in info and Walt is going to try to call in... "

OctoberMoon posted this morning finally, that many maybe without power for as long as 2 weeks in some areas. She again has limited pc connection. Very happy to hear from her!

Renagade has been in the storms over the last week and has gotten back on line this morning. Also glad to hear that they are alright!

Precious Jewelry just checked in and said that she now has electricity again. Glad to hear from her as well!

Bonanzle really is a wonderful community, more like family really. When you are used to people and then all of a sudden, they just don't show up, well it's kind of like a family member that has missed super. You can't help but get concerned.

With the wonderful chat at Bonanzle, at least they can check in at their booth and leave a note as to what is going on, or leave a post on the forums.

My heart goes out to all of the people affected by these storms. At Bonanzle we are a family!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bonanzle Has Created A Hand Picked Shopping List

Bonanzle now has a "Hand Picked" shopping list. This is a list that you create in your my Bonanzle area and give it a title. I did one this morning giving it the title "Daughter in Laws". You place 15 items on this list that you think people would like. This Bonanzle Hand Picked list will expire in 2 weeks. It allows buyers to get some other ideas rather than just random browsing. Which we all know can be very discouraging looking at page after page and finding

This is an example of some of the other Hand Picked lists.
Dress Me In Jade , Handcrafted Childrens Gifts , If Money Were No Object , Bling, Bling, Bling! , Gone To The Dogs! and Baby and Toddler Goodies
These are just a few of the Bonanzle Hand Picked !

Bonanzle is still #7 on the PSU listing count board this morning, however I do believe that will all change by Monday. There are currently 13450 users and 2757 Bonanzle Booths.

Make sure to stop in at Bonanzle for some orginal gifts and met some really nice folks!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's New At Bonanzle

There has been so much happening this past week at Bonanzle! Everyday there is something new to explore not just the new Bonanzle Booths, but the new features that appear in the early mornings! Everyday is a new adventure at Bonanzle!

This morning as most every morning I was at the PSU listing count board, we just became official there this week. Well, by the looks of things we should take over the #6 spot be the weekend! This is some kind of growth for a grassroots community!

A big thing with the sellers using HTLM in their listing was that the default was not set to HTML. Well guess what it is now. Bonanzle really listens to the sellers.

Another issue some sellers were having was the checkout system. So once again, Bill and Mark listened to the sellers. The checkout has been changed. I don't know what has changed to it, however it is an excuse for my to have to buy to find out. hehehe

I personaly don't use the remote chats, but lots of the Bonanzle sellers do. Now all four of the remote chats are working!

We were all so excited this morning to find tha we can use smilily faces on our forums! This sure will make the forums more fun than they already are.

You can read more about What's New at Bonanzle and what's coming next. Something new everyday to look forward to! Bonanzle is fun and exciting everyday!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bonanzle Makes A Grand Entrance On The PSU Board!

It is finally official, Bonanzle is now on the PSU Listing Board! Bonanzle made a grand entrance on the PSU Listing Board arriving at #7! Bonanzle went live in June 2008, I would think that this has set a new standard for new venues for growth. We are only talking about six months time.

Bonanzle has added so many things to the site in a very short amount of time. International shipping, wysiwyg editor, wish list, save for later list, enabled sellers to use coupon codes, enabled sellers to do their own Google Base Feeds, launched a new server that is 8x faster, added over 26,000 categories, and the list goes on and on.

Bonanzle was also nominated for top e-bay alternative for the small business computing 2009 awards. The winners will be announced Wednesday, January 28, 2009.

King 5 a Seattle WA, news station also did a feature on Bonanzle in November. This was very exciting. Auction Wally was also interviewed by Fox News about antiques and the value of them. He also let the world know about Bonanzle. Auction Wally also does the "Brainstorming Bonanzle" Talkshoe show every Monday night at 8 p.m. eastern time. Which is in the top 100 shows on Talkshoe! Thank You Auction Wally for all that you have done and continue to do for Bonanzle!

I am so very proud to be a part of this grassroots effort! The Bonanzle community is a very caring and helpful group of people. A hugh THANK YOU to Bill and Mark for giving the sellers back control of their business and really listening to us!

Bonanzle has no where to go, but up!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bonanzle Coupons

Last week Bonanzle enabled sellers to start using coupons. Wonderful idea for Bonanzle sellers! Now that Bonanzle has given me yet another selling tool, how to use it? Mass e-mails to customers is great however, how to reach others with a coupon?

AuctionBytes newsletter came out with a place called
I haven't had time to get into the meat of this site, it does look promising. Make sure that you are making it clear that the coupon is for your booth only and not the entire site.

Another site that you can list your "deals" or coupon codes is This site is a great networking site for sellers of all venues. In your account, set up your coupon codes.

I am sure that I will find more sites to list our new Bonanzle tool.

Remember tomorrow, Monday night at 8 p.m. eastern time the AuctionWally "Brainstorming Bonanzle" will be held at if you haven't signed up yet to get there a couple of minutes early, get an account and head to the chat boards.

I have learned so much from this show. Every week I make sure to take at least one idea and make it happen. The widget, is still my favorite!

This listing count this morning was at 450551 and 12496 users! If you are still shopping for the holidays, come on over to Bonanzle find some great deals, unique gifts and met some real nice folks!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bonanzle Booth Owners and The Boards

Bonanzle has been such a blessing for many sellers. The founders of Bonanzle have spent endless hours working on this site and at not cost to the seller unless their items sells. The final value fees at Bonanzle are next to nothing.

I have to say these guys are something other than the ordinary! I mean I just couldn't do what they do day in and day out. There is just no way I would put up with it. I know that Bill was up all night the night before last. I logged in at 5 a.m. eastern time which makes it 2 a.m. his time and he was still going on hours after that. Answering questions on the boards.

It amazes me with some of the threads "no sales I am going back to e-bay". To these posts I have no sympathy. Professional sellers will not chime in and "beg" you to stay. True business owners, and professional sellers feel no need to cause a scene and "flounce" out the door. My teenage daughter might though. To this post I have several questions for you:
1. Have you uploaded to Google Base?
2. Have you listed on
3. Have you submitted your booth url to the search engines?
4. Have you read any of the forums on self promotion and did any of it?
Have you leveraged the many tools Bonanzle provides to help you drive sales to your booth?

I came to Bonanzle to have control over my business again! Not to make it someone else's business to run my business and to make my sales for me. News flash, if you had your own business on your own web site, it would cost you plenty per month and YOU would have to promote your business. Maybe you really aren't ready for your own business, it takes work and plenty of hours devoted to it everyday. Not just when you feel like it or sales are down.

Bonanzle couldn't be any easier than it already is. The one box for listing is so simple and quick. You can upload your pictures at the same time you are writing your listing and then go back and crop them and even rotate them. Check the shipping method, new or used, or best offer, it really is a snap. These guys couldn't have made this easier. However, you do have to take a minute to make sure that you have read what you are checking in the little boxes or have not checked in the little boxes.

Just a few hours later this shows up on the boards,"Bonanzle marked my items USED? Thats why i have NO sales!". I did not edit this title, this is the actual title of the thread. No Mr. Business owner, Bonanzle did NOT mark your items used, you did not check the little box that says they are new. I so do wish that I could take a screen shot of the 1/2 page that it takes to make a listing. I have been trying to learn this for the last few days, still haven't gotten it yet, but I will. This type of thread really eats at me. What are you thinking to post this for everyone to see just how educated that you really are? This tells me that in all of the time that you have been on Bonanzle you have not once even taken the time to read your own listing. Look at it the way that your customers are going to look at it. If I had done this to all of my listings, I would have figured out a way to change them and hoped that no one else had seen them. I surly wouldn't have headed for the boards to post it.

Prior to the last post this thread was started," I just need to anyone listening??". I have to ask you here again, who is in charge of your business? So in retrospect, whose business is it? Yours? Hmmm.... Why would you bring the e-bay drama to Bonanzle? You have been on e-bay for how long and a powerseller and you still don't know the rules and the way that things have been working? I have a very hard time with what people want and what they chose to show to the world. There is NO way that a professional business owner would walk across to the other side of the mall and start venting for all of the customers or the other business owners, in that store to see and hear. Would you? Really?

I have written this blog in hopes that the people that say they are business owners, see just how bad this really looks. It looks like you have no idea how to run or take control of your business. The boards are no place for these kinds of things. Bonanzle is a very helpful community and if you need help all you have to do is read the boards or ask questions.

If you need help with your listings, step back and take just a minute to make sure that they are what you are wanting to tell your customers. It is your job as a business owner to know what is going on in your business. Don't ever let your customers come to you and tell you what your listings look like or what they say.

If you have issues at another site, please take it up at that site. Find a mentor someone that you can e-mail for advice if something goes south. You just don't run to another site and start venting about the other one. Again, if one site is not good for your business, only you can make the changes and move to or from that site.

Let's try to think before we head to the boards next time. Is this what you want your potential buyers to see? Because they will. Everything you post here, can be seen all over the internet, it is in Google....etc....

Do we want our forums to become what we left behind?

Bonanzle Holiday Deals Are Here!

Bonanzle seems to be picking up speed with more listings everyday! The listing count this morning is at 441203 and 12168 users! The deals to be had on Bonanzle are wonderful. Not to mention the sellers to work with. There is something to be found for everyone at Bonanzle. With only 20 shopping days left, jump on over to Bonanzle and get some great gifts!

Bonanzle Booth Earth First Native Plant Nursery at has listed these wonderful "Bird Feeding Wreaths". What a super idea!
Ebay_items_015_thumb200 12 Inch Winter/Holiday Birdie-licious Bird Feeding Wreath $12.00 No waste here! The birds will flock to this!
Chandelier_033_thumb200 Suet filled Pinecone Ornaments 2-pack $5.00 These are just a super idea for the hard to buy for person in your life. I don't know to many people that don't like to sit and watch nature at their backdoor. Make sure to check out this Bonanzle Booth. The except Google Checkout,Money Orders, Cash and PayPal. Lots more to be had in this booth.

Bonanzle Booth jamiro Eclectica at
has something for everyone! These are just da bomb!
Gren1_thumb200 Pair of Grenades (yep they're real just don't boom) $30.00
These would be a awesome gift for that hard to buy for person in your life. You know they won't have these already.
Tbottle1_thumb200 Vintage Leather Covered Turtle Bottle Italy $8.00
Now who do you know that has one of these?
Tubetent_thumb200 NIP Backpacking Lightweight Tube Tent $5.00 Just an awesome price on this New Tube Tent!

Bonanzle Booth Cleos Great Deals at has some of the nicest things!
Beadedshawl1_bonanzle_thumb200 Seed Bead Evening Fringe Shawl Shormark Las Vegas $45.00
This is just beautiful! This would look great with a pressed shirt and a pair of jeans or dressed up! You couldn't go wrong with this!
Beadedpouch_bonanzle2_thumb200 Hand Beaded Medicine Pouch Necklace $22.00 Another beautiful piece!
Mvc-001f_thumb200 Alice Seely Petroglyph Pewter Brooch Pin 2000 Collection $5.00 A super deal for only $5.00! This Bonanzle Booth excepts Money Orders and PayPal.

When you are buying from Bonanzle you are buying something unique! You are able to browse booths to select that perfect gift. The sellers can chat with you or you can even set a time to met with the sellers in their booth for a real time chat. No more having to wait for the e-mails to go back and forth. You can also do a little haggeling with prices. There are so many unique items to be found on Bonanzle! Grab yourself a cup of coffee, click on
and start your holiday gift shopping for those hard to buy for folks in your life.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bonanzle Booth Owners Customer Service

Bonanzle is fairly new to the online community, however it is growing rapidly. With a listing count of 437584 and 12013 users this morning, I would say it is making leaps and bounds on the growth chart. Bonanzle has something for everyone. No matter what you are looking for you are sure to find it at Bonanzle!

I have done all of my holiday shopping at Bonanzle and would like to share with you the experiences that I have had.

I found a Bonanzle Booth called At The Boutique at now I have to share a little story with you before I share my experience with this lady.

A few years ago it was my mother in laws birthday. You know it is always hard to buy for people that are older, they have everything that they want and will share nothing with you that they may be wanting. So after thinking for weeks I decided to purchase a nice basket and fill it with Yankee Candles. These candles are just wonderful and come in hundreds of different scents. So off to the mall I went. The basket was beautiful when I was finished. I was rather thrilled with myself. Who wouldn't love to get this?

Well to my surprise, when she opened my gift, I got "the look" from everyone! What? What have I done wrong? I felt like I could have just crawled in a corner. I had done something very wrong here and had no idea what it was. My sister in law later tells me that mom has COPD! Great! All of those wonderful scents could just kill her. I had not idea!

So this year for the holidays I have to figure out what to get for this woman. I have some serious making up to do! I found this Bonanzle Booth At The Boutuque and Phaedra the owner, well she took the time to hear what I was needing and then she told me that she could make all of her items for my mother in law without scents! Well, I have to say that my heart just soared! Needless to say she has made this wonderful gift basket for her! Wonderul soaps and lotions all non-scented! These are things that she is going to be able to really enjoy and still live to tell about it! The lotions are made with goats milk and are fabulous!

Phaedra knows what customer service is all about. She will get you hooked up with whatever your needs are. When your package arrives, you will be in awe of everything! The plus is you will find samples in that package too. Now there is a method to her madness, you will be ordering more of the sample product! I know, I just did!


Bonanzle Booth At The Boutique
Phaedra is there to help you, with whatever your needs may be. She will work with you to make sure you are getting the products that are going to work best for you!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bonanzle "Tickle Me Tuesday"

Today is Tickle Me Tuesday at Bonanzle! This is a list of the Bonanzle Booths and their specials for today! With a listing count of 429581 this morning and 11677 users, you are sure to find what you are looking for on Bonanzle and met so real nice folks too!

rileygrf’s booth
I sell children’s books, homeschooling/workbooks, party supplies
buy $5.00 worth of stuff get 10% off. Also free shipping.

Vintage, retro, clothing to Christmas..
Buy any item at full price get another equal or less at 1/2 price…Combined shipping always

We are selling rock t-shirts mostly adults S-XXL, but we have some ladies tops and some M and L youth t-shirts too. We will have 10% off your total if you buy two items, 12% off your total if you buy three items and 16% off your total if you will buy four or more items. Just send me an offer and I will make an offer with that discount. Come and check our brand new booth, all comments and ideas are welcome. Have a great holiday season!!!

Plaza de La Florcita
An eclectic selection of CDs, Bath & Body Works, Natural Supplements, & Obama stuff. New Pink Vera Bradley Lindsay bag just added. Books and more beauty products coming soon. 10% off Any purchase. A Free Obama/Biden Bumper sticker with any purchase (while supplies last, just add the freebie to your cart). One dollar off shipping of each item after the first. All offers considered.

Lizzie’s Loot
Variety of books,Children’s,Home Decor,Jewelry,Seasonal,and Vintage.
20% off all items over $10.
Combined Shipping
Many include Free Ship!

Elegance of Yore
Vintage clothing, hats, dolls, purses and extras
10% off all items, combined shipping

Patrick’s Attic
Home Decore, Gag Gifts, Chess Sets, Bath & beauty…over 400 items to choose from…Taking off 20% on Tickle-Me-Tuesdays!!!
No Reasonable Offer Refused!!!

Carol’s Butterfly Boutique
The Original S’more Ornaments, Thomas Kinkade Butterflies,
Pewter Serenity Angels, Nativity sets. Great assortment of quality gifts.
Buy Three Serenity Angels and get one Free
No Reasonable Offer Refused!!

Heathers Boutique
Large selection of items that will make wonderful Christmas gifts. Tons of items that are great additions to a Christmas decor. Including Santas, Snowmen, Nativities, Ornaments, etc. Licensed Disney, Kitchen Fairies & Jim Shore. All items are brand new. Specials: All items are 10% off for Tickle Me, Tuesday. Prices displayed are not discounted. Free shipping with any purchase over 75.00. Free shipping applies to orders shipped to the continental USA only.

Sharon’s Collectibles
Features vintage purses, gorgeous art glass and unusual baskets, along with other vintage and antique collectibles.
TMT special is 15% off all items in the booth.

The Peddlers Emporium
Great assortment of old and new. Collectibles, jewelry, Christmas, cookbooks, freebies…… TMT special is 15% off all items in booth. Prices displayed are not discounted.

Women’s shoes and clothing. Adult and junior sizes.
TMT 10% off all items. Combined shipping.

Phoenix Resale Shop
New and gently used clothing, jewelry, books, antiques and items for the home.
Tickle Me Tuesday Special: 25% off everything in the booth.

Jewelry, collectibles, Die Cast Cars,Puzzles Varied
selection of items and adding more daily.
10% off all items, combined shipping and I’m open to all offers.

Georgia’s Best
Some vintage and some new items. Still pretty new here so Come check us out I’m lonely over here by myself!
5% off all items over $4.00

starshinin’s booth
a lil bit of everything from the very old to new in the box..
10% off excludin shippin on tickle me tuesday
i combine shippin to help save YOU even more monies.
also will do layaways, with 20% down, balance due by 12/10/08 so i can get it to you before the holidays

Maggie’s Gifts
Gifts and home decor. Stocking stuffers starting at $1. Message me to tell me you got it on TMT and I’ll send you an adjusted invoice with 10% off.

We have a wide variety of fused glass including wall vases, dishes and bowls. I make dichroic jewelry with sterling silver and copper settings. We also sell cabochons and faceted stones for jewelry makers. Most everything is new, jewelry comes gift-boxed.
10% off every Tuesday!!

Noels Nook of Nostalgia
Take a memory trip with us as we bring you a blast from the past!
Vintage items, from the best of times. New store close-outs from major Dept stores. Spooner Creek ceramic plaques, kitchen magnets and wall charms. Hand made in Wisconsin. They make great gifts.
TMT- discount 20% off every TMT.

general merchandise, collectables, coins, leather goods, household items, toys, knives, stamps, etc, offers always accepted and 15% off for TMT

My Three Sons Marketplace/Diaper Chef
Delicious diaper cakes for baby showers, baby’s first Christmas and first birthday.
Personalized children’s books, mini book stocking stuffers and birthday party favors with your child’s photo. Baby/toddler clothing, shoes, Simpsons comics, and lots more! 25% discount every TMT… reasonable and not so reasonable offers welcome and accepted!

Frodo’s Hidden Treasures
20% off all purchases $10.00 or more.
Lots of D&D books! And a few other rare or unique items located in my booth.
Many Hard cover and paperback books.
Lots of freebies with minimum purchase see details for each individual item!!

Rue’s Bazaar
Gently used children’s clothing and collectibles.
Always 10% off for Tickle Me Tuesday.

Rue’s Boutique
Specializing in authentic Coach handbags, wristlets, and skinny minis.
Always 10% off for Tickle Me Tuesday.

I have a wonderful variety of BOOKS especially for children. If you do not see it in my booth just ask! I have 1,000’s of books and would be happy to check my inventory.
Free shipping on TMT

Brightest Blessings Wiccans
Body jewelry, Pagan and Wiccan Jewelry, Tarot Boxes, Handmade wooden Book of Shadows, Altar Items
10% off everything in Booth

Music on Vinyl and Cassettes, Biker patches and other Harley items, Books, VHS Movies, Barware, and Unique Collectibles.
Back up copy of your Music purchase is availible on CD or Cassette. See booth for details
TMT special! 25% off all items!
All reasonable offers accepted!
Combined shipping Discount!
Come see what the Renagade has for the Renagade in you!

Kims Korner
(We sell a bit of everything and will combine shipping and make deals)
25% Off everything in booth

gbagit23’s booth
A variety of name brand and designer toddler and infant clothing, shoes, and toys, designer handbags,leather coats,and womens and mens designer clothing, as well as some home decor items.
10% off on TMT and combined shipping offered.

Forget Me Not
Handcrafted pure, quality mineral makeup with a pretty price tag. Simply natural, good for your skin makeup that is free of chemicals, bismuth oxychloride, talc, fragrance, oils and other additives. TMT Special – Save 25% off any item in my booth Shipping is always FREE!!!

T and M Creations
T and M Creations Booth We offer a wide variety of gift items.
We also have craft items and custom embroidery. Special: 10% off any knives 20% off all other items. Be sure to check our sections titled TMT Specials for any other special offers for the day, you never know what you may find in there!

A variety of items including diecast cars,clothes,shoes,vintage items
offering 10% off entire booth

Sharon’s Booth
Featuring more than 600 delectable pieces of jewelry, much of it vintage. Special for TMT: 15% off the entire booth. Additional pieces ship for $0.50 each.

I sell basic ‘dust collectors’ and some unique hand made Christmas ornaments, all to help me continue to help the orphan kittens that come through our door and into our hearts!
I offer 10% off total for sales over $100.00 in my booth!

Nice Twice
I sell boutique children’s clothes including Anavini, Biscotti, Carriage Boutiques, Feltman Brothers, Kelly’s Kids, Will’Beth and many more brands. I also have a large assortment of Christmas clothing for boys and girls.
I also have a few pageant dresses, Christmas items, and portrait sets, and ladies’ fine lingerie.
My special will be to offer free shipping on every item in my booth.

Thusie the Little Bookworm
Womens Plus & Ladies Clothes, Mens Clothes, Boys Clothes, Shoes, Home Decor, Books
50% all booth items during TMT!

Great deals on new and gently used items for the entire family
10% off your purchase, no minimum purchase required PLUS we offer combined shipping to save you even more.

Hughes Tees & Gifts
Brand name T-shirts made especially for you with your size, choice of colors(several to choose from), and thousands of heat transfers to chose from. We have Humor, pets, biker, trucker, rodeo, etc.. you’ll have to come in and check it out!! We have over 10000 graphics to chose from, so please if there is something you want, but do not see, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are far from having it all listed, but If we have something like what you’re looking for, we will be glad to post the item! We also have a variety of other stuff like Die Cast, electronics, and more!!
Thanks again for taking the time to shop.
SPECIAL: 10% off entire booth for the event, 15% off over 100.00 plus combined shipping and only $10.00shipping for over $100.00.
Gift Certs & layaway available too

Discontinued Dinnerware Replacement Pieces and cool Kitchenware accessories in hard to find patterns, Collectibles and More!
(20% off entire booth)

Djerdy’s Books
Current & Classic Book titles, Romance Novels, Children’s and much more, something for everyone in hardcover and paperbacks!
20% off entire booth

gbme1’s booth
December Xmas shopping special! Offering affordable jewelry (rings, bracelets,necklaces, and earrings), antiques, imported handbags, designer clothing, housewares, and more.
15% off on TMT and freebies offered. Combined shipping.

Angela’s BooksNStuff Booth
Over 1000 Books And Stocking Stuffers Too!
Combined Shipping!
25% off Everything During TMT

Selling a bit of everything – from household to clothes to gift items, books, toys, games Offering 25% off any purchase, no minimum required!!!

Screaming From the Gallery

Offering unique handcrafted gemstone or lampworked glass beaded jewelry at 15% off during Tickle Me Tuesday sale

Your one stop shop for gifts! We have a large variety of jewelry, trendy flat wallets, jewelry boxes, compact mirrors, lipstick cases, perfume bottles, picture frames, keychains and some cool gadgets.
All of our items will be on sale at 20% off during this Tickle Me Tuesday . We sell to the United States and Canada and offer Free Shipping to both countries

Karen’s Jewelry
Handcrafted jewelry items. Including gemstone necklaces, unique lanyard ID badge holders, medical replacement bracelets, ankle bracelets, bracelets, holiday jewelry, holiday earrings. TMT Special – Save 10% on all booth items. Please request final invoice so I can adjust price.
FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING on $50.00 purchase.
Multiple item shipping discounts. FREE sizing on all bracelets.

Offering Vintage and New Items, will combine shipping gladly.
10 % off everything in my booth on Tickle Me Tuesday

Dude&Chick’s Booth
we offer a variety of items. Books, new & gently used clothing, vintage patches and so much more. You never know what we’ll list next!
TMT special: 20% off entire booth! Combined shipping always available

This booth is an eclectic mix of just about anything ranging from expensive high end jewelry to reasonably priced clothing, shoes, collectibles, diecast cars, and much more. Check back often as we will be adding items regularly. All items are on hand. 20% off sale on day of event

Offering a wide variety of beautiful artisan jewelry at affordable prices. 10% off all booth items during TMT.

100% of the sale price oes to support our rescue. Find shadowboxes, ornaments, handpainted signs, cat beds and toys, home decor items, craft supplies too!

Right now I have several Christmas ornaments and dishes, I have children’s lunch totes, Hannah Montana t shirts. I specialize in candles and unique frames. I am still listing. so not everything is on yet. Springtime is right around the corner. I have wind chimes, bird houses,frames, candles,lots of clothes .etc. Hope to see you here! Some things are 1/2 price shipping others are free

Bargain One Stop’s Boot h
We have a large variety of items from collectables to costume jewelry.
TMT Special is 15% of everything in store. We offer combined shipping on all our items.

Eggcentricity Jewels
Handmade semi-precious gemstone, antique lampwork and sterling silver jewelry and some vintage(due to age only) buttons.
All ticklers will get FREE First Class International shipping on all jewelry

Holy Cow Batman
Christmas Ornaments Silver Jewelry Pewter Goddess Pendants
20% off during TMT

Gypsy Trading Company
I have Antiques, collectibles, vintage, costume jewelry, and everything else.
20% off on all TMT’s anything over 10.00 purchases.
Combined shipping

Just like the name says! We will constantly be listing more and more books new and old in an attempt to have something for everyone!
25% OFF SALE for Tickle Me Tuesday

Crazycat’s Handmade Items
Over 200 items to choose from
special orders welcome
cat toys, towels, soap bottle aprons
books,cds , fabric and more
always a free gift with $10 or more purchase

Handmade quilted items and quilting kits
special reuqests welcomed
25% off orders over $40

Cleos Great Deal
Vintage jewelry, Boy Scout memorabilia, Freebie contest open to all Bonanzlers, and more collectibles. Buy $20. and get 15% off.

Fabulous Finds
Great deals on new and gently used items for the entire family! Clothing newborn – adult, collectibles, toys, videos & DVDs. music CDs, household, holiday items, and lots more!!! TMT special – 10% off entire booth, no minimum purchase required. PLUS we combine shipping to save you even more!! Purchase $100 or more (excluding s/h) and pay a flat $10 shipping rate to anywhere within the US or receive 50% off international shipping rates.

Eclectic Ave.
Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage and Fine Jewelry, Home Decor, Hallmark ornaments from the 70’s through today’s, and much more.
30% off during TMT and shipping is always combined.

lots of nice hard-to-find, out-of-print books , some curriculum . Will combine for discounted shipping

Precious Jewelry
We carry a fine selection of .925 Sterling Silver Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Pendants, Anklets, Body jewelry + more. Styles include Onyx, Red Coral, Abalone, Turquoise, Mother of Pearl and Cubic Zirconia. New products added often!
10% off everything in the store!

rurallj’s place
Lots of books and other goodies, combined shipping whenever possible, all reasonable offers considered!
10% off on all booth items during TMT

Get some nice fragrance, handbags, and many gifts
10% off on all items, combined shipping

TheGoodStuff’s Booth
Specializing in Avon Fragrances and Jewelry at a fraction of the retail cost! I gladly combine shipping costs to save you money.

Boo Moon
High end cosmetics like NARS, Stila and Too Faced, Fun and funky clothing, boots, jewelry

Cheyenne2u’s Booth
I am NEW to Bonanzle and have many Cookbooks for the Holidays, Crafts and adding collectibles. Something for everyone’s interest! :)
Bonanza: Nov. 29th – everything in Booth 25% off, starts at 10 am for 3 hours. Ya’ll Come!

A World Beyond Stamps
Offering a selection of Worldwide stamp sheets, souvenir sheets, and lots
Offering 10% off all items / entire purchase during TMT

Tamancam’s Treehouse
Welcome to the treehouse! Here you will find a variety of items, including trading cards, themed playing card decks, and clothes for the entire family, books, and more. I have several pokemon, dora the explorer, bob the builder, and other top name-brand books, stickers, and a large selection of items
Offering 10% off all items / entire purchase during TMT

Nifty Nook
We have new in package Barbie dolls, Tickle Me Elmo NIP, some collectible vintage items, toys, books, and other items. Thanks.
We’ll offer 20% off any purchase in our booth. Combined shipping as always for multiple purchases.

Leon’s Groovy Deals
We have sterling silver jewelry, shoe charms, and more at great prices.
Free Shipping on all items during TMT

Our automotive booth sells auto parts, vintage hotwheels redlines, vintage Matchbox Lesney, New in Package Hotwheels, and other collectible cars.
We’ll offer 20% off on anything in our booth. Also, combined shipping as always. Thank you.

Moki’s Treasures
Vintage, new and unexpected items. Something for everyone and the hardest person on your holiday list.
30% Off. Combined shipping! Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks and Paypal. International shipping. Free shipping on orders over $50.00. Make me an offer!

amodernguy’s booth
Specializing in mid-century modern and atomic era furnishings, accessories and art.
10% all Booth Items during TMT

Teapot Gallery Creations…
Handcrafted wire art jewelry which includes bracelets, brooches & pins, earrings, pendants and hair jewelry.
20% plus free shipping

Variety of vintage and antique items – 10% off during Tickle Me Tuesday!

Hope you enjoy visiting my booth Merrymuddle
We specialize in selling items that were TEA PREMIUMS but we also have a large selection of Wade porcelain, dollhouses and dollhouse furniture, headvases, collectible glass and porcelain, nostalgia, postcards, and many other miscellaneous items.
For Tickle Me Tuesday I will give a 10% discount off listed prices. Also please feel free to email me your offers on groups of items during this event.

Mama’s Creations
Handmade Bath & Body items, custom web banners, Watkins products and more. 10% off purchase of $50 or more. Choice of free Holiday Banner with any purchase

Sabrina0222 – Reiki & Bio-Balancing Therapies
Sabrina is a skilled and result-oriented therapeutic energy healing practitioner who provides exceptional Comprehensive Holistic Energy Therapy Healing services for the whole family, including pets and animals. She is a teaching practitioner offering courses and training, both in person and through online e-courses. She believes in empowering you – the client, rather than promoting your dependency on her skills and knowledge. She helps you learn how to take control of your own health.
She is also a skilled psychic medium whom approaches each reading with sensitive-compassion, whether you are seeking a general reading or are hoping to connect with a loved one who has crossed over.
One freebie per item bought = Package of 5 Healing Boosters – a great addition to any other service(s) or used alone. They provide you with an extra “shot” of strong but gentle healing energy. It’s a mini-surge of healing energies that aid you in getting through those less-energetic portions of the day. Each Comprehensive Healing Booster lasts 15-minutes.
Because listed prices are already over 25% off normal rates, there are no additional discounts available.

Eves Booth
I sell purses, kitchen items, bedding, jewelry, books and everything in between.
Purchase $100 get 10% off. Also combined shipping available.

Co-Hosted by:
You will find an eclectic assortment of things. Jewelry, Some Jewelry making supplies (findings), Belt Buckles, Postcards, Books, Silverware, Dinnerware and Dishes, Baseball Cards, Pez, Die Cast Cars, and more stuff than you can imagine (more than 900 items.) I will be adding more items all week. Stay Tuned!!
SPECIAL: 20% off entire booth for the event plus combined shipping based on weight to save money.

Bluridge2cats’ Booth
Offering lots of STUFF..books,children’s books,Craft items & books,Boyd Glass,Boyd & Friends,Dolls & Bears,Holiday Items Clothing,Jewelery,and anything else I find in house Except Hubby & Cats..Adding more every day.Prices start @ $1.00.Combine Shipping.10% off purchase of $50.or more.
Stop by and check it out,you’ll find something for yourself or Gift-giving..

Fine and costume jewelry, plus size clothing.
10% off any item, and combined shipping. Pay highest shipping cost and each additional item is $2 shipping.

Lots of books of all genres, hardbacks and paperbacks, adult and children, fiction and nonfiction. Most books are $1.00 and I combine shipping. 10% off purchase on $20 or more.

Plush toys, collectibles, home and garden items, more.
10% off $25. Free shipping on some items, combined shipping for all items.

Pre loved items, needlework kits, patterns, books and everything else not nailed down.
10% off on TMT
I love to negotiate!
Shipping by weight: Priority Mail, Parcel Post, Media Mail.

Handmade reversible purses and aprons. You get two in one with ITS’A MCQUEEN REVERSIBLE PURSES AND APRONS. We will be having 20% off everything on tickle me Tuesdays. Drop by and check out our unique and original designs.

We have a variety of items. Items from A to Z, Old & New, Past & Present. Something for everyone. Infant Clothing, Kids Crafts, Indiana Glass, Crackle Glass, Vintiage. Continuing to add new items daily. 10% off everything in booth on TMT’s & we always have combined shipping.

Great OutDoors
Camping, Hunting & Fishing supplies. All Items will be reduced 10%
No Shipping Fees!!!

Angie’s Jewelry
Great deals on jewelry for the entire family (woman, men, teens & children) ! I can make customs jewelry for you and modify my existing handmade jewelry and it will not cost you a penny more. Find sets, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and jewelry for him, jewelry for children and pendants.
SPECIALS : 20% off all items + Free shipping on orders of 4.00$ and more + choose one freebie per purchase among the listed freebies. The 20% discount is automatic. For the shipping, simply deduct the shipping costs when making your offers.

KayCee Studios
I have an eclectic selection of fashion, decor, sewing, scrapbooking, china and dishes and whatever else I find that is interesting or fun. Some of my items are treasures I have found for you, some are consignment items I am selling for others. Either way, I try to have an interesting selection of quality items. My motto is to provide accurate descriptions of quality merchandise coupled with fast and friendly service! Hope you agree.
SPECIALS: offers taken on all items, except for digital designs. I’d rather sell it than keep it, so just make an offer! Multiple purchases will get better deals, so just make an offer! OK, really, just make an offer…..

Lots of this and that never know what you will find in our booth. Check us out!!
TMT Buy $65.00 and get 20% off, save more with combined shipping !!

Quilt fabrics, patterns, art pieces, misc craft supplies
Specials between 25-40% off selected items – this will be posted in the chat area of the booth
Vinewood Treasures, is featuring many star sportscards rookies from the 1960s to 2000, including such sought-after cards as inserts, Collectibles, Disneyana, Pottery and Glass, Classic Toys including Fisher Price toys , Avertising items paper and other,and books.
15% OFF ALL ITEMS ON TMT and 20% off on orders over $50.00. Will always listen to any reasonable offers.
Many items FREE PARCEL POST, SHIPPING, Please ask for other shipping arrangements”Priority Mail, UPS, will combine shipping when possible.

oshun spirit earth friendly goods
We offer a unique assortment of eco-chic goods for your home and garden, soy and bamboo clothing, luxurious hand-crafted spa and body indulgences, and a collection of beautiful, energetically-enhanced Tachyon jewelry and wellness products. Healing modalities, personalized study programs, and metaphysical and spiritual consultations may be scheduled by appointment. Gift certificates are available.
Free gift wrap by request, combined shipping, and TMT specials! FREEBIE customized Bonanzle stickers with any purchase!

Grandpa Steve’s Stuff booth
Offering 20 % off plus free shipping as a TMT special.

Sunflower_Boutique’s booth

I have unique gift and items for all ages and for all occasions.
30% off and combined mailing and lots of freebies

Aprons for Women, Children, Men. Holiday. Hostess. Fun. Sassy. Cute. Retro & Vintage Styles.
20% discount on TMT. Always FREE shipping.

A Little of This and That
Collectibles, Jim Shore, CloudWorks, Kitchen Faries,Jewelery,books and more.
Something Old, Something New, Something Just Right For You.
TMT 10% discount on orders of $75.00

Conjurewoman’s Cottage
Toys, childrens books, regular books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, management training books, depression glass (Ruby Red, Cobalt, Forest Green, Anchor Hocking, Federal, Hazel Atlas, Fire King, etc), hard to find discontinued china patterns and unusual collectors items and household items in new or gently used condition. Pagan and Wiccan items and hand crafted and stained and fused glass items as I make them. Come and see! My prices are well below what you find elsewhere, but if you still aren’t satisfied with my asking price, make me an offer.

Coocoolady’s Bird Toys will be at it again. Please check out my wide selection of bird toys. For the TMT i will be offering free shipping as usual and a free foot toy with every purchase. A $4.00 value. So please stop by all the booths and drain your wallet : ).

CityChic’s booth
Offering 10% off all items – many have a Best Offer option available as well. Cool Freebies offered and… I’ve added new listings – with more coming all weekend!

North East Supply Co’s booth
Louie D. here just coming on board for another TMT! the last one was cool. Ihave a good assortment of Poker goods,Laptops, Cookware, Remote Control toys, Jewelry Skateboards, Hockey & Foosball Tables and a whole lot more stuff! You’ve got to check it out! As always 5% of every sale goes to the OPEN PANTRY, 15% off on Jewelry,5%off on laptops10% off on Cookware and dont forget the free Shipping!

Mitzi’s Attic
10% off all Kitchen, Clocks, & Cutlery on TMT!
Mitzi’s Attic carries kitchen items, from knives to chafing dishes, knives and flatware. We also carry beautiful wooden clocks wall, cuckoo, and grandfather style.

papermoondelights’ booth
I paint and draw ACEO Artcards, Plus I have other items in my shop also. Mention this and get a free print with your order.

Signed Sincerely Yours…
I sell a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It’s just a regular old flea market booth, where you can find some of any and everything. Some of my items include ‘Bag Of Coal’, new infant clothing, collectibles, GMAT study guides, etc., etc. Stop in!
20% off everything over $5.00 on TMT

ShesMrsWright’s Corner
Home of Waggin Tails & Wet Noses Homemade Gourmet Dog Treats
Gourmet Dog Treat of the Month Club
New scrapbooking items & fashion jewelry as well as new & gently used clothing items.
20% off scrapbooking items & fashion jewelry, combine shipping discounts, & 10% off of purchases over $10 including discounted items.

Terri’s Treasures
New Gymboree clothing for girls as well as new & pre loved clothing for women & men & children. Harley Davidson parts & accessories. Household items & much more. Love to combine shipping on your purchases. 10% off of purchases over $20, 20% off all other purchases. I am doing all of my shipping via USPS Priority until December 17th to assure that you receive your items in time for Christmas!

Barrier’s Boutique
Literally your one stop shopping source! Offering 400 different items! Something for everyone in the family!
Great Gifts $10 and under! DVD,VHS,Books,Toys,Clothing,Games,Jewelry,Watches and so much more!!

Capturing Today’s Custom Creations
Handmade items including award-winning Lip Balms, Skin Creams and Hand Lotions made with beeswax from our very own bees, Celebration Pillows, Cloth Napkins, Beaded Bookmarks and more!
For TMT only: Free shipping on any cosmetic order of $20 or more OR 10% off any purchase of $20 or more.

nelsonsfla booth
have, beanies, breyers, bella sara card, nascar, my little pony, books, cherrished teddies, mary moo moos and more over 500 items.
30% off everything, combined shipping, freebies , with purchase, don’t like a price make offer, just might surprise you!

Women’s Accessories & Handbags, Clothing, Jewelry and more.

katyanne’s booth
Charms, Bracelets, Beauty Control Items & Freebies
Come on by check out our Booth!

Hosted By
Down Home Deals
Offering a wide variety of gifts for you and your home! Pet Thermometers, Collectors Plates, Ty Beanie Babies, Buddys & Teenies, Magikal Items, Collectibles, Ink Jet Cartridges and much much more! PIT BULL Donations – Gift Certificates, Bath & Body, RARE FINDS!
SPECIAL: 10% off entire BOOTH during TMT

Grab a cup of coffee and come on over to where the holiday shopping is fun again!