Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thinking of Having a Bonanza at Bonanzle? New Not Known Minimum is Now 15%

If you are thinking of having a Bonanza in your Bonanzle booth, the new, however not announced minimum is 15%. There has never been a minimum set by Bonanzle as to the discount that you could offer. However there is now. If your prices are already low, you may want to rethink having a Bonanza.

Oh yes, you can set up a coupon code. However, your booth will not be on the front page with those having a Bonanza.

It seems that the "Block Party" is where this little unannounced minimum was discovered. Now it would seem to me that Bonanzle would want this "Block Party" to continue. Here is what Bill said in a comment on his blog:

  • bharding says:
    06/01/09 at 02:08:15

    Oh and another thing! WTG with the Bonanzle block party on Sunday! You guys beat the previous record for items sold in a day by like 20%!

Seems that those were some good sales and fees, which means more money for Bonanzle. At that time there was no minimum 15% discount, it was whatever the seller thought it should be for their business. Most sellers on Bonanzle also sell on other venues. I know that my prices went down coming from e-bay. The fees were lower so I lowered my prices.

So if you are thinking of joining Bonanzle and ever want to have a Bonanza, make sure that your prices are such that you can take the new non announced minimum 15% discount. Maybe make that 20%, considering this came from the help section of setting up your Bonanza.

The average Bonanza discount in Bonanzle's first few months of operation has been about 10-15%. We're hoping it will nudge up closer to 20%... that seems to be about the lower level that gets buyers smelling blood in the water.

Which makes me think that if in the beginning there were no minimums on the discount that you could offer for your Bonanza, then they will soon nudge it to the 20% ,to "get buyers smelling the blood in the water".


  1. Thank you very much! I really appreciate you posting this for people to see.

    If this, the new 15% rule, would have been brought to my attention sooner, I may have been able to address it differently, however when finding out a MERE hour before the beginning of the party, that left no time for finding a resolve.

    To me this says with either low prices or low margins, that my sale prices are not good enough for Bonanzle.

    What does it say to you?

    I have since decided that I will no longer host the Block Party because I spend countless hours every month planning, organizing, & participating. Not to mention organizing the aftermath of prize distribution, which entails a detailed ledger of items bought & sold through the duration of the party.

    After careful consideration, I have also decided to rescind my Premier Membership to Bonanzle since I cannot & will not support these types of actions, especially when these decisions impact so many, with absolutely no announcement of the changes.

    This was, as they say, the straw that broke the camel's back. This is not the only issue, but one that effected me greatly. I needed the sales today & the history of these parties in my booths, speaks for itself;

    a total of 31 items sold out of the last 3 Bonanza Block Parties for me. The last one only 3 sold due to the time of year & was fully expected. So 28 within 2 Bonanzas at 12% off. Guess my clients thought it was a big enough discount.

    This time around: ZERO (granted the night is not over, however my main booth is over)

    I did use a coupon & had it active during the time-frames, however they have not been used.

    It is NOT the same & now, I am not on a level playing field, UNLESS, I do as Mark said (which BTW the thread in reference is now gone) & raise my prices just before the Bonanza, but is that not LYING to my clients?

    I do not think so. My morals & values are higher than that. OUR FAMILY NAME is on our business & I will not allow anyone to make me or anyone else in my family go angainst my beliefs to make money. Not even some honcho at Bonanzle. We take great pride in our business, not in lying to our bread & butter. What would that say to my children?

    So for now, I will focus on my eBay store & list my little heart out until my listings there surpass Bonanzle. At least there, they TELL you what is going on well in advance!

    I will touch more on this later after I have had time to think about it.

  2. Thanks for the info! I noted some confusion going on yesterday offsite about Bonanzle and the bonanzas. and this explains it.
    I understand their reasoning for this, and I am watching for them to also put a mininum number of items that must be on sale at a bonanza time also.
    Far too often I have gone into booths having a "Bonanza" only to find a very small number of items on sale for a very low percentage off.
    We have all 'lowered' our prices, for the 'rent' was lower and we could do so. But we may have boxed ourselves in by doing so.
    Everyone who knows me knows I have butted heads with the boyz before....but in the end it is THEIR site, But I WILL speak out again and tell them
    "BAD BOYZ! set the limits if you want, change things, revamp! BUT for crying out loud, TELL your peeps that it is coming! THAT is what a newsletter, your blog, and the forums are for!"

  3. I agree that more notice should have been posted before making that change. To those who find this post I want to let everyone know that HughesTeesandGifts has passed the Block Party hosting over to me. It will still take place. I'm sorry that this change caused so many people to swear off Bonanzas as a whole. Thank you to HughesTees for making the Block Party so successful. I will do my best to carry it out for those that wish to participate.

    - Treasures-Go-Round

  4. Thanks for all the detail and information! Very helpful!


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