Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Altec Bucket Truck Continues To Spam Blog

                                      Altec Bucket Truck Photo From Their Blog

The last few weeks I have been getting spammed by Is Altec the Best Bucket Truck?  I went to their blog and left a comment asking them not to continue to spam my blog through comments.  However they have struck again! So now I will do a post about them and their spamming of others blogs.

It amazes me how little time people are willing to put into their own business, they want to ride on the backs of others.  I spent a good amount of hours on the blog at one time and to think that this company for lack of a better word want to drive traffic to their blog through mine.  So let me help you to drive some traffic to your blog, however it may not help your business, it will get you traffic to your blog I'm sure.

Seems like to me that they are very lazy people and there is NO way that I wold do business with them. If they are not willing to invest time into their own business, then why would I think that they would be willing to have even a fair amount of customer service. For this reason I would not do business with them and I would discourage anyone else from doing business with them as well.