Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bonanzle Events

Yesterday was a busy day in Seattle for the First Bonanzle Up! Phaedra from @theboutique has been posting to the Bonanzle Up Blog with pictures, videos and sound bytes. From the looks of the pictures, everyone is having a great time and the Seattle weather was something to be proud of. If you haven't checked out the Bonanzle Up Blog you really need to.

Bonanzle currently has 58,044 users, 14,466 Bonanzle Booth Owners and 685 supporting members . Bonanzle is currently #3 on the PSU listing board with 1,915,721 listings.

Don't forget tomorrow night at 8 edt is the Auction Wally Show, Brainstorming Bonanzle. If you are looking for way to promote your Bonanzle booth and network, this is the place to stop. Auction Wally has been in the business for over 25 years and knows his stuff. Lots of fun and loads of information! Want to listen to the back issues or missed a show? You can read the chat and listen on the Brainstorming Bonanzle Blog.

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