Friday, May 15, 2009

Bonanzle News, Bonanzle UP, Auction Wally's Live Auction

Once again this morning there are some new changes at Bonanzle. The best one is now while you are listing, you can put the item right into your custom categories. It use to be that you would list, update booth and then have to go to the batch editor to place in your custom category. Now everything can be done on the Bonanzle listing page. Thanks Bill, this will be a real time saver! You can read more of the news at the What's New page.

This weekend is also the FIRST Bonanzle Up in Seattle. Phaedra of @theboutique will be posting to the Bonanzle Up Blog through out the event. So keep an eye on that blog for updates of what is happening at this First Bonanzle Up. Thank you Phaedra for providing this for all of us that couldn't attend!

Tomorrow 5/16/09 Saturday, Auction Wally will be having his LIVE aution. The previews start at noon and the LIVE auction starts at 1:00 edt. Auction Wally's auctions are NO reserve auctions called in real time right there in his Bonanzle chat box. You can view the auction live at and place your bids in his AuctionWally Bonanzle Booth. His LIVE auctions will take place every Saturday. Lots of fun!

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