Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bonanzle Now Able to Adjust Your Invoices

After months of working on a new checkout page, Bill has done it. Not only a new checkout page, a new invoice that you can adjust for your customers. Something that has long been needed for discount shipping or just discounted rates.

However, there will always be a trade off with getting something new and that is now there is no space for the pick-up and paying with cash option. You can read Bill's Blog here about the new features.

Here is a picture of the Old Checkout and the New Checkout:

Here is a picture of the New Invoice that you are now able to adjust.

Bonanzle still has no listing fees and no booth fees only a very small final value fee. If you are looking for another selling venue, Bonanzle just might fit the bill.

Bonanzle currently has 67,203 users, 15,975 Bonanale Booth owners and 691 supporting members. Bonanzle is currently #4 on the PSU listing count board with 2,080,731 listings.

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