Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bonanzle Up Mobile A Super Auction And Great Results

The Bonanzle Up Mobile raised $759 for the children of St. Jude! The live auction ran about 3 1/2 hours of fun and lots of laughs. Not only did the winners receive free shipping on their items, they will also be receiving a sample spa pack from Phaedra of @theboutique. Auction Wally was at his best. He really kept things fun and moving.

A very special thanks goes to Bobbi of Bobbi85710 Bonanzle booth. This lady put the entire Bonanzle Up Mobile booth together. She spent many hours working on this charity. Many thanks to you Bobbi!

Auction Wally also a huge Thank You! For all of your time that you donated to this wonderful cause! And for getting the word out so many time! Don't forget Auction Wally has a LIVE auction in his Bonanzle booth every Saturday!

And of course where would the auction have been without the donors! Thank you to all of the donors who donated not only their items, but the shipping of their items as well!

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There are so many that also blogged about it, tweeted it, Stumbled it, thank you to all of you too! This was a group effort of so many Thank ALL of you! Bonanzle is truly a caring community!

Bonanzle currently has 62,230 users, 15,229 Bonanzle Booth owners and 692 supporting members. Bonanzle is currently #3 on the PSU listing board with 1,996,799 listings.

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