Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bonanzle Off Line For 7 Minutes Saturday

Yesterday Bonanzle went off line for about 7 minutes to add more disk space to the server. I do believe that it was only in November that this was done, Bonanzle has had some kind of growth. Bill let everyone know this was going to happen in advance in his Bonanzle blog.
This morning the listing count is at 1,046,613 and 24,802 users. Of those users 7,247 have a Bonanzle booth and of those Bonanzle booth owners 388 are supporting members.

With growth also comes change which we all know is not going to make everyone happy, no matter what you do. There has been so much "promoting" in the forums that now there is a special place in the forums just for promoting your booth called of course, "Promote Your Booth".

There have been some very creative people who have come up with tickle me tuesday, friends on friday, auctions, limbo and a few other ways to sell. So Bill has put yet another spot in the forums just for "Buying and Selling Games".

On the front page there is yet another place that will show the Bonanzle booth that is having a Bonanza and when. You set up the day and time and your "special" for that three hour block. Once you have done this it is then shown on the Bonanza page.

Promoting also has to be done off Bonanzle for your booth, your business. Promoting in the forums in the correct place is great and that is where it should be done. It seems the latest craze is now to go to someones booth and leave them a message in their chat box advertising their booth. This is the most unprofessional form of advertistment I can think of.

Don't forget the Auction Wally "Brainstorming Bonanzle" show is tomorrow night at 8 est. This is where you will learn to promote your business, what works and doesn't work. There is always lots of great information at his show. If you take just one idea and use it, you will be ahead of the game.

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