Monday, February 2, 2009

Bonanzle A Week In Review

Bonanzle has just had an awesome week! After being named the best eBay alternative in July by Ecommerce Guide, Bonanzle was again named the best eBay alternative last week, this time by SmallBusinessComputing! This is no mean feat! Bonanzle has only been out of beta for a very short 5 months.

Bonanzle also hit the million listing count this past week. Actually it hit the million count more than once, before it stuck. Then by Sunday, Bonanzle hit the 25,000 user mark. There are currently 25869 users and 1,061,543 listings!

With all of the excitement we were given new Bonanzle logos, made by Christy, new forum boards, a new search page, given a feature to delete all of our chat out of the chat box at one time, and given links to the person in chat.

We were also down for 7 minutes on Saturday to get more disk space for the servers, to make things run smooth, which happenened without a hitch. Happy belated Birthday Alex and a job very well done!

This morning I check the "what's new" page and we now have a new invoice on the counter offer a place to add the shipping. There were more things done last night, however you will have to take a stroll over to Bonanzle and read it.

Bonanzle has so much positive energy going on all of the time. If you have not checked Bonanzle to buy or shop, you need to do yourself and your budget a favor. Come on over to Bonanzle to meet some really nice folks and get some really great deals!

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