Friday, January 30, 2009

Bonanzle News

Check out the new Bonanzle logo that Christy from Kaycee Studios made for the up coming Valentines Day! She has also created one for Easter. What a pleasant surprise to find them this morning. Thank you both Christy and Bill!

Discovered these great logos this morning when checking the "what's new" page at Bonanzle. Bill says you are a little weird if you check this page everyday. Oh, no, no. This is the first thing I check in the morning to see what has happened during the night at Bonanzle. All of the new features that Bill has put on line is located right here. Like reading the morning paper.

Things are growing at Bonanzle. This morning the listing count is at 1,031,242 and 24,144 users. Come on over to Bonanzle to buy or sell either way with the great deals to be had or the next to nothing final value fees, you will be so glad that you did!

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