Monday, March 9, 2009

Bonanzle 9 Points

Bonanzle has added a new 9 points system to Bonanzle sellers "more" profile. Bonanzle has worked hard to keep the site as "safe" as you can be on the internet. Mind you nothing is guaranteed in keeping everything "safe", however Bonanzle has added just a little extra to try to ensure it.

These are the 9 points. For the "Trust Report"

1. Filled out profile information about themselves.
I would think that this would be one of the first things that a seller would do.

2. Used a valid credit card to pay Bonanzle fees or membership dues.
This just makes life a little easier, at least for this seller.

3. Received personal recommendations from other Bonanzle members.
This is always welcome. Very nice when someone takes time out of their day to write you a recommendation.

4. Received at least five positive feedback from transactions occurring on Bonanzle.
This shouldn't take a whole lot to complete.

5. Filled out a detailed overview of their booth.
Again I would think that this was one of the first things that a seller would take time to do.

6. Provided detailed policies for their booth.
Another first that should have been done, prior to activation of your booth.

7. Posted more than 50 messages in the Bonanzle message forums.
Bonanzle forums are not hard to get involved in. Harder not to go to, then to stay away. Fifty posts is nothing to achive.

8. Given at least one other way they can be found online or offline, besides Bonanzle.
With the way the world is today, no I don't want my phone number here. However, Twitter, facebook, blog, a ning network, or e-mail will work. I am sure there are lots of others too.

9. Logged into Bonanzle within the last month.
Now, I don't know about you, but if a seller hasn't logged in, in the last month, this tells me that they have dumped thier items and left.

This is nothing new as far as this information, it has always been available. Just scattered all over. Like the number of posts, this shows on your posts. The profile and booth details, contact information have always been there. Now everything is located on one page. That's all, no big deal. Feedback has also been available.

Bonanzle overall site rating feedback is 99.4% positive. An awesome feedback rating!
You can read Bill's Bonanzle blog for all of the information.

Bonanzle currently has 37,816 Bonanzle users, 10,895 Bonanzle booth owners, and 575 supporting members. According to the PSU listing count board, Bonanzle is #4 and currently has 1,473716 listings.

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