Friday, March 13, 2009

Bonanzle Has Some Real Talent: They Are Very Helpful

Bonanzle has grown at a rapid rate and has done so with the grassroots efforts. There are so many really helpful folks that are there to help you. Not just help you with an issue with your Bonanzle booth, things like your personal computer problems.

BluePennyLady has spent hours helping folks with Google either one on one or in the forums. Judy has some wonderful knowledge when working with Google. She is more than willing to help you! Thank you Judy for all that you do for the folks at Bonanzle, very unselfish person.

Another very helpful person is Jack at JacksPlace . There were several folks last week that were having issues with listing and getting into their mail. Jack went step by step on how to up date their JavaScript and what settings they needed to be using in their browsers. This takes time to do and I thank you Jack!

ThreeTen a fairly new Bonanzle member has spent his time putting together a Google Attributes visual screen shot. Google Attributes are something that really does work and most have an issue with doing. However, he has taken his time to set this page up. Thank you Merrill for taking your time to do this!

Steve from the_Jewelry_Shack has worked endless hours as well working on the Google Keywords. He spends hours working on the bonanzle ning network in marketing and is soon going to be doing a live "No Spin Zone Bonanzle" talk show on talkshoe soon. Thank you Steve for the hours you put in helping others!

These are just a few of the folks at Bonanzle that give of themselves to help others. There are so many more that give hours to help others and to promote Bonanzle!

Bonanzle updates, you do NOT have to be a member of Bonanzle to buy. You can come to the site and purchase without being a member. Log out and see for yourself.

The "User Trust Report" has been renamed "More Seller Info", you now only have to have 20 posts instead of the orginal 50 posts. You can see all of the updates on the "what's new" page.

Bill has also done a blog, "Something eBay Would Do", excellent read!

Bonanzle currently has 38,566 users, 11,107 Bonanzle booths, and 567 supporting members. Bonanzle is #4 on the PSU listing board with 1,507,425 listings.

Thank you to all of the folks at Bonanzle that have made Bonanzle the friendliest site to buy and sell! A job very well done!

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