Sunday, March 1, 2009

With Growth Comes Change At Bonanzle

Bonanzle has had some real growth in the last couple of months. There are currently 34,740 users and of those users there are 10,161 Bonanzle booths of that there are 534 plus or premiere members. Bonanzle is currently #4 on the PSU listing count board with 1,401,411 listings.

With growth comes change and no, not all will like it, however there has to be rules in any community. Bill did a Bonanzle blog about the new changes and yes, they are for the better. When there were only 500 members the forums were not an issuse, people went to get help or say hello, they got quick answers and greeted.

With reaching almost 35,000 members things are growing and so are the forums. It takes no time at all for a thread to roll to the second page, people trying to promote their Bonanzle booth would bump threads over and over. New users trying to get answers, their posts would be gone in no time at all.

So now we have a new people page and it is wonderful! The people page now has the last 8 threads and they are broken into most recent deals and promotions on one side and on the other most recent discussions. This seems to be working very well.

Bill has also added the ship button to our sellers page and are now able to in put delivery confirmation numbers and e-mail customer that order has shipped. This is a super plus as a seller.

Another added feature that has been added in the last couple of weeks is the export to Craigslist.
Then there is this really cool feature "Tweet It". While browsing you can now Tweet an item to Tweeter. The batch edit has also gotten a facelift. And a very fine one indeed. Very easy to use now.

The latest added feature is the ability to set custom attributes in Google Base. Lots of folks have been waiting for this feature. And they now have it. Just like everything else they have asked for, they have gotten.

Thank you Bill for all that you do!

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