Saturday, March 21, 2009

Helpful Folks At Bonanzle

There are so many helpful folks at Bonanzle. Bonanzle has been a grass roots effort from day one and continues to be.

Sandy of BargainBasement Bonanzle booth is just another example of these super folks that give so much of their time and talent to help others. In BarginBasement Bonanzle booth you will find a wealth of information, with screen shots.

Tutorial How to Make a Bonanzle Booth Widget Freebie This will teach you step by step how to make a Bonanzle widget.
Custom Categories Tutorial How to Set Up
Freebie This one is a real good one for the folks that want to make custom categories in their Bonanzle booth. There were lots of folks that were very happy to see this one.
Freebie Google Submit Booth Listings Tutorial
Freebie This is a must do for your Bonanzle business. Get your items to Google base. Lots of issues before this tutorial was made. Sandy has done a fabulous job with this!

She also has a few more tutorials in her Bonanzle booth BargainBasement. Sandy has just recently opened her second booth, BrownBagPantry. This is a very yummy Bonanzle booth, sure to find something there for everyone! Thank you Sandy for all of the time that you have given so freely! Oh, goodness I can't forget that she also does the Bonanzle Birthday list. I don't want her to yell at me. LOL

Phaedra of @TheBoutique has and continues to do so much for Bonanzle! She answers loads of questions on the forums and I do mean loads with 4,696 forum posts. She is also AuctionWallys co-host of Brainstorming Bonanzle. A very informative show done every Monday night at 8 est, a two hour show. She is now offering Bonanzle booth Consultations. Not to mention all of the e-mails from folks who are needing information. Who better to get some very critical information from? A lady with over well over 300 sales on Bonanzle! Thank You Phaedra for all that you do and continue to do for Bonanzle!

Bill has been working on the search again and it is truly getting better! Speaking of Bill, I wasn't going to post this but, it was truly to good not to. If you need a smile read this forum thread, sɥʇooq s,ǝuoʎɹǝʌǝ ɥʇıʍ ƃuoɹʍ sı ʇɐɥʍ ʍoʍ
I would say that Bill had truly been had with this one. This is the first time that I have known him to be had. Caution, do not drink while reading this.

Bonanzle currently has 40,732 users, 11,567 Bonanzle booth owners and 608 supporting members. Bonanzle currently is still #4 on the PSU listing count board with 1,555,633 listings.

Come on over to Bonanzle to buy or sell! Terrific deals for buyers and an awesome site for sellers!

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