Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Bonanzle Deals

I have to tell you that I have gotten some really great deals at Bonanzle. Just love to shop at Bonanzle! All of the transactions that I have had have been excellent. The prices great and the sellers are just super!

My daughter was over a couple of weeks ago and of course she wanted to browse Bonanzle to see what was new. Not looking for anything really. Well, I hear this mom look at these. I knew what that means. Mom I really want these. Now you have to understand that my daughter is not a little girl any more, she is married and has three children. She was the first born of seven and only girl. So yea, she is a little spoiled.

So I come over to the computer to check her wants out. She was so excited about these shoes.
Hpim3679_thumb200 OK, she was excited! These were in Bonanzle booth ScrapBookingAndy. So I made my first ever offer. It was really pretty easy, just read the directions and it walks you right through it. Finished and hit the submit button. I did not let her know that I had put in an offer. Within a day my offer was accepted! I was thrilled that I completed the deal and had no problems and she is thrill that she is getting these "way cool" shoes.

My one very special to me, 5 year old grandson is just crazy about camo clothes. Bonanzle booth TaterTots Clothing was having a Bonanza of 40% off and had camo clothes in his size! Needless to say I was very excited.
I was able to buy both of these for $10.80 plus shipping! I can't wait to get these, he will love them!

Then I found a canister vacuum. I am tired of replacing the upright vacuums. Not to mention they are so hard to move around, always lifting them to reposition. With the surgeries that I have had this is not good. Check out this very kewl vacuum I found and will be here Monday!
Ken-vac-1_thumb200 I got this at Bonanzle booth OldTurtleHeart. Only paid $24.95 plus shipping. I love it and the color is just great! No more lifting the vacuum, just pull it along. Oh happy days! A huge plus no more buying bags, it is bagless!

You can now save your searches at Bonanzle. This is a great feature for those of us always looking for certain things like fabric with angels or bikers. Loving that new feature!

Bonanzle currently has 40,272 users, 11,455 Bonanzle booths, and 603 supporting members. Bonanzle is still #4 on the PSU listing count board with 1,546,166 listings.

Bonanzle's growth has been a grass roots effort. Just so many great people there. Sure, you are going to get that you know what every once in a while, those folks are every where, but so far at Bonanzle things have been great. The buyers and sellers have been just wonderful.

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