Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bonanzle Changes In a Very Short Amount of Time

Bonanzle has come such a very long way in a very short time. I am not talking about numbers here, I am talking about site features. It seems that most of the requested features have been put in place and a few are in place and being perfected.

The first packing slip that Bonanzle had, well it served the purpose of a packing slip. The packing slip today can be edited by the seller to fit their needs and add a message to the buyer. There is even a place to mark it shipped and enter a Delivery Confirmation number. If you wish an e-mail will be sent to the buyer letting them know it has been shipped. Not to mention that the shipping is now seperated from the price of the item for the total.

Bonanzle chat used to have to be delted line by line. This may not seem to be a big deal until it was time to clean up your chat box, one line at a time. Now you can delete all chat with the click of one button.

Bonanzle forums use to be a no frills forum. Now you can post pictures and smiley faces. The day that this happened the forums were full of smiles.

There was no wish list or save for later list. Now Bonanzle has both with the added bonus to be able to tweet an item and e-mail to a friend.

Widgets were something that many had been wanting only had no idea how to go about making. Then one morning, we were able to make our widgets right there on Bonanzle! You can make several different widgets with several different titles to fit your needs.

Listing on Bonanzle is super easy and a few months ago there was no wysiwyg editor. That ment no templates. Well today you can use a template of course it has to be one for Bonanzle to work correctly. You can get custom templates right on Bonanzle at SNL Designs.

You can now search the completed listings, set your booth items up to be seen in the order that you wish, add insurance as an option, block buyers and so many other features that just weren't available a few months ago.

Truly amazing how much the site has changed in a few short months and continues to change. Change is a good thing and not everyone will like it or agree with it. However, Bonanzle has made so pretty terrific changes that for the most part the sellers were very happy with.

Currently Bonanzle has 48,138 users, 12,860 Bonanzle booth owners, and 650 supporting members. Currently Bonanzle is still #4 on the PSU listing count board with 1,702,708 listings. I do believe that by this time next week, Bonanzle will be in the number 3 spot.

What changes were you happy to see at Bonanzle?

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  1. I am in love with the handpicked lists showing up on the front page. And creating them! I just wrote about that on my blog. LOVE 'EM!


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