Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bonanzle Says Farewell to Bizzy

After what seemed a never ending day on Wednesday, April 1, 2009, it was finally over. Bonanzle said farewell to Bizzy! As far as most sellers were concerned she had over stayed her welcome of the one day. Her first and last. I don't think she will be missed.

There has also been another change in the amount of promos that you can make in the "promote your booth" forum. It started out with no rules, some folks would have several posts and would continue to "bump" them every time it would roll off of the front page.

So, Bonanzle made it two posts per person per day in the "promote your booth" forum. Folks were up set with "only" being able to post two per day. So, it is now you can post five posts in the "promote your booth" forum every three days.

Oh my goodness! Folks are upset again, they have lost one post. What isn't being realized here is that when the post roll off to the second and third page with in a few minutes, you have wasted your time with the post. No one is going to see it and they aren't going to go looking for it.

This new system will work to the sellers advantage. When posting, your post will stay at the top for quite a while. They aren't rolling off of the front page within minutes, people will now see them. This is what you want, isn't it? People to actually see your post.

Bonanzle currently has 44,587 users, 12,269 Bonanzle booth owners and 642 supporting members. Bonanzle is still #4 on the PSU listing count board with 1,643,244 lsitings.

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