Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Couple of New Features At Bonanzle

Bonanzle has added more features for sellers. Bonanzle now has the booth optimization feature that is there to help sellers. It is still in "beta" and being built. Things like taking a great picture, promoting, shipping and pricing are just a few. This is going to be a real asset to the Bonanzle community.

The packing slip now seperates the shipping and the cost of the items. This is something that a few or more than a few sellers have been asking for and once again they have been heard and received.

Bonanzle now has the "tell a friend" about an item link, located at the bottom of each listing. As well as the twit it link. Both are going to be a great asset to Bonanzle sellers.

Check out the Bonanzle widget up there in the right corner, it no longer has that white boarder. Not that is awesome! It really looked odd with it, however we did get widgets that are super easy to make and use.

Supporting Bonanzle members can now see just exactly where their buyer came from. Along with their e-mail address for fuuture promotions. You do however have to give your clients an opt out if they choose to do so.

Bonanzle currently has 47,354 members, 12,722 Bonanzle booth owners and 643 supporting members. Bonanzle is still #4 on the PSU listing count board with 1,686,256 listings.

If you are looking for a place to sell, then do yourself a favor and check out Bonanzle. There are no listing fees, no booth fees and the final value fees are next to nothing. If you are looking for some really great deals then come on over and meet some really nice folks, and get some really great deals at Bonanzle!

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