Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bonanzle's New Booth Assistant or Annoyance?

Bonanzle has had a couple of changes the last few days and some have been great while others are just plain tacky. Kudos to Bill and Mark for the limit of 2 postings in the "Promote Your Booth" forum. However, this little find this morning, well sure did bolt me awake, and is just tacky.

A few days ago Bonanzle limited the number to two postings in the "Promote Your Booth" forums from each seller. This was something that I hated to see happen, on the other hand something really had to be done about the constant spam of the board. Within minutes your post would be buried to page 3 or 4. Now you can go into the "Promote Your Booth" forum and read different sellers offering many different items and discounts.

I do think that now there is a limit more will look at the forum and not just move on over it. More productive and many will use their posts wisely. You do have to promote your booth off of the site. Yes, sellers are buyers, but there is a whole wide world of buyers that have still not heard of Bonanzle or your booth.

This morning Bill had a new blog, introducing "Bizzy" bot. I call her Bizzy Brat. She tells tacky very gross jokes. This is NOT the person that I want to be greeting my customers or friends. There is no way to turn her off for good. Not to mention that anyone can turn her on and not even do it intentionally. Customers that are coming to Bonanzle for the first time are not going to see her as funny or inviting.

I know that today is April Fool's day, however this is really done in bad taste. There have been so many threads about taking better pictures, better descriptions to make a hand picked list to appear on the front page. This is NOT a professional appearance. The Bizzy Brat is not someone that I want to greet my customers, especially first time guests to the site.

Bill, do us all a favor give us an option to shut her up permanently or just pull her plug.

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