Sunday, December 21, 2008

Excellent Week For Bonanzle

Bonanzle has had a most excellent week. On Thursday the 18th Bonanzle hit the half million items listed and today Sunday, the 21st we will hit the 15000 user mark! That is some kind of grass roots effort in a very short amount of time. Congratulations to Bill and Mark and the whole Bonanzle community! A job well done, however not finished by a long shot.

It is official Bonanzle hit the 15000 member mark at 2:47 p.m. est on 12/21/08! Kimkav is the 15000 new Bonanzle member. Welcome to Bonanzle!

Bill's little surprise a few days ago also included redirect link for Bonanzle booths. Now when using your url, you no longer need to use "booth" . Way to kewl!

Currently there are 2927 Bonanzle booths, which means there are lots of new users, that are buyers.

If you have a Bonanzle booth it is critical that you use the Google Feed to upload your product to the Google search. There are many more sales coming into the site from the Google search. If you are needing help with this you can see the thread "All Googe Base Posts Are In One Post Here". Make sure to read the first post. This thread will answer most questions.

Sandy of BargainBasement Bonanzle booth is an asset to the Bonanzle community! She has set up simple how to's and lists them as freebies in her Bonanzle Booth complete with screen shots. So for those that need just a little more help with the Google Base feeds this is wonderful. Thank you Sandy for all that you have done and continue to do!

If all else fails then just contact Mark and he will set it up for you! Please make sure to read his post and send all of the information that he is asking for. Tell me of another site where one of the site owners is willing to set up your Google feed?

If you are looking for a community friendly site to buy or sell then you really need to check out Bonanzle! You will be oh so glad that you did!

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