Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's New At Bonanzle

There has been so much happening this past week at Bonanzle! Everyday there is something new to explore not just the new Bonanzle Booths, but the new features that appear in the early mornings! Everyday is a new adventure at Bonanzle!

This morning as most every morning I was at the PSU listing count board, we just became official there this week. Well, by the looks of things we should take over the #6 spot be the weekend! This is some kind of growth for a grassroots community!

A big thing with the sellers using HTLM in their listing was that the default was not set to HTML. Well guess what it is now. Bonanzle really listens to the sellers.

Another issue some sellers were having was the checkout system. So once again, Bill and Mark listened to the sellers. The checkout has been changed. I don't know what has changed to it, however it is an excuse for my to have to buy to find out. hehehe

I personaly don't use the remote chats, but lots of the Bonanzle sellers do. Now all four of the remote chats are working!

We were all so excited this morning to find tha we can use smilily faces on our forums! This sure will make the forums more fun than they already are.

You can read more about What's New at Bonanzle and what's coming next. Something new everyday to look forward to! Bonanzle is fun and exciting everyday!


  1. Continuing growth each and everyday, Bonanzle has truly set the standard for new site growth.
    Every morning it is very interesting to check the "what's new" section and see the improvements. Bill is one busy man!
    Bonanzle is definitely the one to watch!


  2. I am amazed at the continued and healthy growth of this site. The networking and communication between members is unprecedented. To be able to chat between friends, other sellers, buyers and the owners of the site real time, has never been done like this. The improvements are happening right before our eyes.


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