Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bonanzle Coupons

Last week Bonanzle enabled sellers to start using coupons. Wonderful idea for Bonanzle sellers! Now that Bonanzle has given me yet another selling tool, how to use it? Mass e-mails to customers is great however, how to reach others with a coupon?

AuctionBytes newsletter came out with a place called
I haven't had time to get into the meat of this site, it does look promising. Make sure that you are making it clear that the coupon is for your booth only and not the entire site.

Another site that you can list your "deals" or coupon codes is This site is a great networking site for sellers of all venues. In your account, set up your coupon codes.

I am sure that I will find more sites to list our new Bonanzle tool.

Remember tomorrow, Monday night at 8 p.m. eastern time the AuctionWally "Brainstorming Bonanzle" will be held at if you haven't signed up yet to get there a couple of minutes early, get an account and head to the chat boards.

I have learned so much from this show. Every week I make sure to take at least one idea and make it happen. The widget, is still my favorite!

This listing count this morning was at 450551 and 12496 users! If you are still shopping for the holidays, come on over to Bonanzle find some great deals, unique gifts and met some real nice folks!

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