Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bonanzle Has Over A Half Million Listings!

Another milestone for Bonanzle was hit yesterday with a listing count of over a half million! The PSU listing count board shows Bonanzle is still in the #6 slot. Currently Bonanzle has 14452 users and 2868 Bonanzle Booth owners.

Bonanzle has also been nominalted for Small Business Computing 2009 for best e-bay alternative. The results will be announced January 28,2009. Be sure to make your vote count.

ECommerence-Guide Essentials
yesterday did an article on "Our Picks For Top e-bay Alternatives". This is from the article, "Bonanzle carries the title of the fastest growing alternative ever, and every month since July, Bonanzle's traffic has either doubled or nearly doubled."

If you are looking for a true alternative to e-bay without all of the hassles, constant changing of your listings, PayPal only payment, auto response canned answers, and the high cost of listing and selling, come on over to Bonanzle and check it out.

Bonanzle has NO listing fees, NO booth fees, and very small final value fees. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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  1. WoooHoooo! Way to go Bonanzle!!
    We are ROCK'n!



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