Monday, December 15, 2008

Bonanzas At Bonanzle!

If you aren't finished with that holiday shopping, I would hurry on over to Bonanzle! Bonanzas at Bonanzle are sales. These sales are set up ahead of time and each Bonanzle Booth owner runs a different sale or specials. This is a great way to get some wonderful gifts and save some money at the same time! Each Bonanzle Booth has a set time, so browse and note the time to return for the Bonanza.

BarbaraHaviland's Bonanzle Booth is offering a 10% off.

Brand Name Bargains For Less
is offering 20% discount.

KayCee Studios is offering a 15% discount.

Dream Scapes Gel Candles is offering a 20% discount.

Beaded Baubles and More is offering a 15% discount.

Edi's Treasures is offering a 15% discount.

Simple Pie Beads is offering a 10% discount.

Bonanzas that will be happening 12/16/08 at Bonanzle are:

More Junk 4u will be offering a 30% discount.

Pegs Place will be offering a 25% discount.

Felicitations will be offering a 10% discount.

By Velma George
will be offering a 15% discount.

Beewitchings Items will be offering a 20% discount.

Make sure to check out the Bonanzas that are always going on at Bonanzle. Some really great deals to be found and some real nice folks to met!

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