Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Auction Wally Goes Live Auction On Bonanzle

Get this on your calendar, Auction Wally is going to do a live auction at his Bonanzle Booth on Saturday, January 10,2009 at noon eastern time! This will be his first live auction at his Bonanzle booth!

Auction Wally is a licensed MA auctioneer with over 25 years experience. His auctions no matter where they are at, are no reserve, no minimum. The way auctions were met to be!

He is also a writer for the National Online Newspaper, The, he writes an Antique Column just full of information. He also has two talk shows, Brainstorming Bonanzle and The AuctionWally Show. Both of these shows are so much fun and the information is tremendous. If you do just one thing that this man suggests from each show you will increase your traffic.

Auction Wally has also set up a ning network, The AuctionWally Network. This is a fairly new site, however the information here is just great! Lots of nice folks there with the same interests.
Lots of pictures too.

He also has his own site AuctionWally. This is a very cool site lots of information here. I am a picture freak and he has lots. He does online appraisals which can be found at his AuctionWally Bonanzle Booth. Not to mention his Audio Book CD Selling Your Valuables in Tough Times.

If you are just starting out or been at it many years, this man is the man to follow around. He has a wonderful sense of humor and so much knowledge that he is willing to share, just for the asking.

Make sure to mark your calendars and come join the first live Auction Wally auction! Very exciting indeed!


  1. Auction Wally is as entertaining as he is smart! He truely is an asset to Bonanzle or anywhere he may roam. Take that eBay!

  2. have read many of Auctionwallys articles and have tuned into his shows on a regular basis, and no matter if he is appraising and Antique, or reviewing an online selling venue such as eBay or Bonanzle, he has always been fair, balenced and has never failed to enlighten me. To hear he will be doing a live auction on Bonanzle is great news! I will be marking my calender, cant wait to see this pro in action!


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