Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bonanzle On The Super Sized Side

Bonanzle has had some huge growth in just a few short months. With 15869 users and just a little over 3000 Bonanzle Booth owners with 597354 listings this site is moving up. On the Auction Wally "Brainstorming Bonanzle" at, there had been a few limited discussions about Bonanzles growth and large sellers moving onto the site.

There were mixed feelings about the large sellers coming to the site after the work of buiding it up and taking over with their thousands of listings. Buried listings seemed to be a concern as well as turning Bonanzle into something we had all left behind.

Change is good, although at times seems to be a very hard to do. If the other site had not made so many changes, that never seem to end, I and a lot of other folks would have continued to stay right there. In this case change was a very good thing. Bonanzle was born and the change of selling on another venue was a very good change. A very welcomed change!

Growth for a site is very good as long as it is planned for. I am sure that many still have doubts about what will become of Bonanzle when we are super sized. Will the small to medium sellers still have a home that they have all worked at building? Will it still be a friendly and very helpful community?

Last night Bill posted a new Bonanzle Blog that is well worth the read! Titled, "You Wonder: What Happens When We're Huge?". My take on this is that Bonanzle will not change nor the community, we will just super size. Bill and Mark are still answering their e-mails, still posting on the boards, still have their Bonanzle booths and still making improvements to the site.

If your are looking for a new selling or buying venue, you really need to take a few minutes and check out Bonanzle. Bonanzle is like a large family if someone needs help more than one will be there to help. The deals are wonderful and the items are so unique! The real time chat is just awesome, you can haggle right there on the price, no waiting for e-mails to be exchanged, or set up a time to meet in a booth and chat away. Come on over to Bonanzle, met some really nice folks and get yourself some really great deals.

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