Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bonanzle On The Move

Wow have things been moving fast at Bonanzle the last few days! Listening to Dave of ebayandbeyond on talkshoe this morning. I tell you there is so much information in these shows, so much to walk away with and put into action. He announced that on January 24,2009 Mark from Bonanzle would be on the show. Dave's show is on every Saturday morning at 10 est. This like the AuctionWally show is one that you don't want to miss.

Scott Pooler of iBusinessLogic was a caller this morning. Scott is setting up websites that link to Bonanzle booths with blogs. Make sure to check out his Bonanzle booth. He also wrote a great read on Trading Assistant Journal today. It is a sad read, however one should really take the time to read. It will surly make you step back and think about your business. While on the call he told us that he had been contacted by Wallstreet about Bonanzle. Of course we all wanted to know more, however this is all that he really had. Guess we are just going to have to wait and see what is happening there.

On New Year's Eve, Bill decided to make us a really kewl packing slip. It looks so much better now with the Bonanzle logo on it. We can now edit the packing slip with a message to the buyer, which is a great idea. Thank you Bill!

We can now do a completed items search by catagories for the last thirty days. This has been something that many have been asking for and now have. We also have feedback reminders.

Once again the folks at Bonanzle asked and were given. Bonanzle is still #6 on the PSU listing board and membership is over 17000!

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