Wednesday, November 5, 2008

As Promised to Show Off More Bonanzle Finds

Let me tell you about the deals to be had on Bonanzle! I ran across this Bonanzle Booth Joe's Treasures and you won't believe the deals this guy has on laptop computers! Check this out!
Hpim0370_thumb155_crop Hpim0371_thumb155_crop Hpim0372_thumb155_crop Hpim0373_thumb155_crop
DELL Inspiron 5100 Laptop Used $284.00 this baby is a great deal! 2.4 ghz Intel P4 processor
768mb of RAM (1x256, 1x512)
40gb hard drive
CDRW/DVD combo drive
15" screen with a 1400x1050 resolution (mobile Radeon 7500 @ 16mb dedicated)
Built in Wireless a/b/g 54mps Dell TrueMobile 1300 WLAN Mini-PCI card
Built in 56k modem
2 usb ports
Firewire port
10/100 network RJ45 jack
Fresh install of Windows XP Home (Svc. pack 3) AND all DELL drivers installed (no cds included) Windows COA on bottom
EXCELLENT battery.. (no warranty on battery,)
A/C adapter
This is a NICE laptop that would make a great computer for that new college or high school student. I will ship bubble wrapped . Insured. Laptop Bag included. FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. 14 day NON DOA Warranty.
Or how about this one:
Hpim0374_thumb155_crop Hpim0375_thumb155_crop
Compaq Evo N610C Laptop Used $220.00 Now we all know that at this price you can now have an extra computer for on the go!
Linksys RangePlus WPC100 Wireless Notebook Adapter New
If you are looking for a computer laptop you have got to check out Joe's Treasures Bonanzle Booth. Now this next Bonanzle Booth Renagade's
if you are looking for yesteryear you have found it! I can't believe that I found an 8 track player!
Ross AM/FM 8 TRACK Home Stereo System with speakers $50.00 An 8 Track Player! I haven't seen one of these babies in years! Talk about bringing back memories! Wow!
Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon - 1973 LP Record $12.00 PINK FLOYD!?! Awesome!
Now if this doesn't bring back memories nothing ever will!
Star Wars Interactive Board/VHS Game $10.00 So if you want a blast from the past check out Renagade's Bonanzle Booth! Wicked Scents Bonanzle Booth is just a wonderful booth. You have to know that this lady has taken in 19, yes 19 animals! She also is now and this is just to kewl setting up a
U Donate - U get a $5.00 Gift Certificate!! $1.00 Here is what this is all about:

Meet "7"...

"7" was one of Michael Vicks fighting dogs. Bradon Bond (Extremely famous Tattoo artist and one of the best I've ever seen) rescued "7" along with a couple other pit bulls seized from Michael Vicks home of horror!

"7" was hit and killed by a car almost 6 months to the day after she was rescued from living in hell.

However, before she died, she truly knew what it felt like to be loved and cared for, instead of beaten and abused.

She was about to be legally adopted by her foster father, when she slipped out the door between his legs and ran into the road. The gentleman that hit her rushed her and her foster dad to the vet, however "7" passed away on the way to the vets office.

This Listing is going to help Benefit one of Brandon Bonds favorite Rescue Organizations. Villa Lobos Pit Bull Rescue - and in "7" Memory I am giving everyone the opportunity to make a donation to either All or Nothing Pit Bull Rescue which you can read about here or Villa Lobos Pit Bull Rescue which you can read about here

In order to donate, just click on the Offer Button and place the amount you wish to donate. For each $5.00 or more donation, you will receive a $5.00 Gift Certificate for anything in our Wicked_Scents Booth.

100% of the donation will go directly to the Rescue of your choice. This is just to kewl!

It is my hope that those of you who believe the Pit Bull Breed is a Fierce and Threatening breed, will take the time to visit these two Rescue Organizations and see, that Pit Bulls are no different than your family Black Lab! They deserve a chance at life and they in return will give you nothing but tail wags and licks. They will make you laugh with their clown like attitudes, running and jumping in the air and throwing their toys around. They are amazing creatures and as the Humans, we need to help them survive! Now she also has some fabulous candles too! And wonderul gift sets and just in time for the holidays!

3 Ounce Square Votive Gift Pack - AROMATHERAPY TRANQUILITY b $9.75 This is an awesome set and just a super price! What a great gift idea! Everyone loves candles!
For the coffee lover in your life this is the perfect gift and the price is right!
SALE - Soy Candles Cappuccino PURE SOY Coffee Candle - NEW $5.00 So folks if you need to get that holiday shopping started or if you are one of those that are almost done, Bonanzle is the place to get started or finish up! I have to warn you though, Bonanzle is very addictive! It is the most fun site you will buy or sell on! Money Orders are still taken by most of the Bonanzle Booth owners! See you at Bonanzle!

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