Saturday, November 1, 2008

What is a Bonanza at Bonanzle?

Not to many folks are familiar with a Bonanza at Bonanzle, so I will explain what these terrific events are. These Bonanza's are sales or specials that the Bonanzle Booth owner sets up in advance. If you are wondering when they will happen you can go to this page
and find when the Bonanzas are going on and the Bonanzle Booth that this wonderful event is happening in. You can also click on the "see all" button and find the Bonanza's that are happening now and the future Bonanzas that will be happening and what the special will be. This is better than going through the local paper looking for those sale papers. You don't have to leave your house, use your gas and the best part, they delivery right to your door. While a Bonanza is going on the Bonanzle Booth owner is also available to chat with you in real time. So if you have questions, you can ask right then and there, no waiting for the e-mail exchange. Most people don't relize that they can also instant text someone while they are on line at Bonanzle. This is great, if you need to get an answer and the Bonanzle Booth owner is on line you can just send an instant text message to them. No matter where they are on the site, a little window will drop down and your message will be there. The Bonanzle Booth owner can respond to you right then and send it right back to you. You can also leave a message in the chat box and if the booth owner is on line, again a little window will drop down and your message will be reveiled to him or her. Bonanzas are just wonderful events that only happen at Bonanzle. Come on over and check it out, while you are there stop and say hello, met a few nice folks. With a listing count of 265104 there are lots of items to choose from and 6860 users a whole lot of nice folks to chat with.

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  1. I Love the Bonanzas at Bonanzle!
    Most people gravitate to the SALES RACKS in their local stores....well that is what a Bonanza is!
    Gotta love it!
    Visit my Bonanzle Booth


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