Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bonanzle Everything But The Ordinary!

I have to tell you Bonanzle is everything but the ordinary! I have shared this with you before, however not only are the items everything but the ordinary on Bonanzle, so are the people! Bonanzle Booth owners are everything but the ordinary!

To see this all one has to do is read the people boards at Bonanzle! If someone asks a question, someone it right there to help them. If someone runs into an issue with something, someone is right there to help them.

Bonanzle can't afford big type media for promoting, we all know this and we at Bonanzle are doing our share to promote. Which by the way you would have to do for your own web store and pay the site fee every month. So the community at Bonanzle got together to purchase print media that is coming out very soon! I am so proud of the Bonanzle community! The Bonanzle community is everything but the ordinary! A great bunch of folks!

The founders of Bonanzle are also everything but the ordinary! These guys have to be working around the clock non-stop! They keep the site going, do the site up dates, add all of the new features, international shipping, wish list, save for later list, new categories,new server and they even answer e-mails! They are not the ordinary founders of a site! These guys care and go well above and beyond the call of duty. These guys, Bill, Mark, and Jordon are everything but the ordinary for customer service on Bonanzle! I thank you, all three of you for all that you have done and continue to do! I respect you for the rudeness that some show that doesn't send you over the edge! You the founders of Bonanzle are everything but the ordinary!

Bonanzle also has what is called text messaging. You can send a member that is on line a text message and it will drop down on their screen. I received a text message from someone the other day, I did not recognize the user ID so, being the nosy person I am I went to check out who this person was.

This person had no Booth. I was puzzled, however I answered her questions and then another text message appeared. She was setting up her booth, that is why she wasn't showing a booth. Kewl another new booth. She had contacted me because I was also from Florida.

Later that night, I thought I would go and check out this new booth and see if she was having any issues. Well let me tell you I was so thrilled and just in shock. I home school my kids and she sells books! She has loads of home school books!

She had been in a wreck and totaled her husbands new car, due to the injuries she lost her job. Shortly after her husband was hit with a lay off. She had found a new home on Bonanzle for her warehouse of books! She will have no listing fees, no booth fees and a very small final vaule fee when her books sell.

I needed books, so I placed and order and I asked her about other books that I was needing or going to be needing in the near future. She got back with me and well it has worked out well for both of us! If you are in need of books check out Bonanzle Booth The Old Bookshelf at:

Who would have ever thought that two people could have helped each other out answering a text message? I needed the books and she need the sales! Bonanzle is everything but the ordinary!


  1. You are so right that Bonanzle is Everything but the Ordinary. All over Bonanzle there are extra ordinary items, sellers, people, buyers and who started it all?
    The BONANZLE Boys ~ Bill, Mark & Jordan. They ARE anything but the ordinary!

    I am having extra Ordinary FUN at Bonanzle

  2. Bonanzle is the best! It's a perfect example of a grassroots movement in online selling! Totally user-friendly, with great management support! Check it out!

  3. Great blog post. You are right Bonanzle is so much different. The community so friendly. The personal feel of shopping in a brick and mortar store when you enter someones booth and they are there. The Fast personalized replies from the site owners when you have a question and I love how you can make offers to sellers and all the great Bonanza sales, Tickle me Tuesday, and weekday & weekend challenges.

    I feel like I am in control again and its easy as can be. Its a great feeling to have fun again while earning money!


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