Saturday, November 29, 2008

Easy Holiday Shopping On Bonanzle!

Bonanzle listing count this morning is at 419870 and 10978 users. With that many listings, Bonanzle is more than ready for the holiday shoppers! With all of the horror stories of Black Friday in the stores, come on over to where the grass is greener, met some really nice folks and have them deliver right to your door. Bonanzle is more than ready for the holiday shoppers!

I would like to show off a few more Bonanzle Booths today. Bonanzle Booth Clip Clop3's is a new Bonanzle Booth at and well worth checking out.
100_6045_thumb200 antique ammo box/cannon $10.00 This would be a beautiful pice to refinish and use for a small coffee table with lots of storage.
100_5955_thumb200vintage hand painted magazine rack and trays $10.00
We used to use these all of the time to have lunch out on the porch.
100_6083_thumb200 waffle blocks/little tikes $5.00 This is a great deal! Make sure to check out this new Bonanzle Booth.

This next Bonanzle Booth Yesterdays Treasures at is so worth checking out!
Vintage EMILY ANN of Boca Raton Satchel Leather Purse-CATS! $10.00 These bags never go out of style and for only $10!
Picture_018_thumb200Vintage JEZLAINE Sterling Silver Pendant-Heart & Flowers $10.00 Sterling silver is another item that never goes out of style! Very pretty piece!
Picture_054_thumb200 ELEPHANT Clasp Bangle Bracelet Watch-MOP Dial-Chunky-UNWORN $8.00 What a very unique watch! Make sure to check out this Bonanzle Booth for some great deals and meet a new friend!

Bonanzle Booth MO Country Bumpkin's at is also a new Bonanzle Booth.
014_thumb200 Oak Plate Shelf w/ Heart Cutout & Hanging Pegs $10.00 These make wonderful pieces to personalize for someone! What a great gift!
018_thumb200 Oak Sconces Candleholders with Heart Cutout $10.00 Just a beautiful pair, again you could leave them or personalize them for that special someone.
Sany0046_thumb200 Boys 24 Month Shirt & Overalls with Suspenders $10.00 Just an adorable outfit and for only $10! Be sure to stop an say hello!

The listing count at Bonanzle is rapidly climbing everyday. There is just no way for me to share with you all of the wonderful Bonanzle Booths. Most of the Bonanzle Booth owners are offering layaway, Money Orders, Google Checkout,PayPal and cash. Depending on your location, some even offer local pick-up.

Come on over to Bonanzle, browse the endless items and met some really nice folks. If you are in need of getting rid of a few items around the house, it takes about five minutes to open a Bonanzle Booth. There is no charge to have a booth and no listing fees. The final value fees are not much.

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