Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bonanzle Adds About 26,700 More Categories

Bonanzle has been busy again last night! Bill has added about 26700 more categories to the Bonanzle categories! That is a whole lot of new categories to choose from! Here is part of the Bonanzle Blog that Bill also does and the reason for the new categories.

When Bonanzle was first launched, we would usually have 100-300 items posted per day. All was so simple back then. You never needed to go more than two categories deep, because no second-level category had more than a couple hundred items.

Times have changed. We now often get more than 10,000 items per day added to the site. Clearly, the 300-some categories that used to be sufficient were no longer going to cut it to help buyers browse and find the items they're looking for.

Bonanzle continues to grow at rapid speed. This morning the listing count was as 341649 and 9356 users. We are still unofficially #10 on the PSU listing count board, however I do believe that by the end of the week we wil slide into the #9 spot!

With the economy what it is there is no better time to come on over to Bonanzle to buy or sell! There are NO listing fees, NO booth fees and the final value fees are a third of e-bay. As a seller you have control of your business and the pay types that you take. You are not limited to PayPal. If you want to take Money Order, Checks, Cash, Google Checkout or PayPal this is your choice. The prices are lower here for buyers because the overhead is so low. It is a win win situation for all!

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