Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bonanzle Booths That Are Donating !$!

Like so many of my Bonanzle Blogs, this one is about the caring community there! There are a number of Bonanzle Booths that are donating profits to many different organizations this hoilday season as well as through out the year. I tell you there is no better community than the Bonanzle family! The Bonanzle family is truly a caring community!

Bonanzle Booth Cabin Fever's at:

This holiday season, the author of Little Rhymes for Quiet Times (children's poetry book) is offering this book free to anyone who will donate $5 or more to Restoring Lives West, a homeless children's drop in center in Indianapolis.

This makes a wonderful gift for any child and is signed by both the author and the illustrator (me).

We really want to help add some holiday cheer to both your home and the lives of the children being served by Restoring Lives this Christmas.

Thank you!

Little_rhymes_book_thumb200 DONATE for homeless children! Receive signed children's book$5.00

This is just a wonderful idea! This is a direct link for this wonderful cause:

Bonanzle Booths Sandy Paws'
and Bonanzle Booth Willow Blue
Donate 100% of the sale price goes to the cats. We are struggling right now for food for the cats. We feed over 50 everyday so it is getting expensive. We have babies out in the winter as well who could grow up indoors if we had funds and homes.
100% of the sale price goes to the rescue and always has for 5 yrs or more!

Bonanzle Booth Wicked Scents
Here is what she has to say: 100% of the donation will go directly to the Rescue of your choice. (Please note which Rescue you would like your donation to go when paying)

It is my hope that those of you who believe the Pit Bull Breed is a Fierce and Threatening breed, will take the time to visit these two Rescue Organizations and see, that Pit Bulls are no different than your family Black Lab! They deserve a chance at life and they in return will give you nothing but tail wags and licks. They will make you laugh with their clown like attitudes, running and jumping in the air and throwing their toys around. They are amazing creatures and as the Humans, we need to help them survive!

Like I have said many times before in this blog Bonanzle is everything put the ordinary! With a listing count of 380100 this morning and 9974 users, you are sure to find a bunch on really nice folks to chat with and loads of great deals to be had!

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