Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bonanzle Gets New Server That Is 8x Faster & Auction Wally too

So many new and exciting things are happening at Bonanzle! We have a new server that is being put to work as I write! A quote from the updated blog, by Bill at Bonanzle:
"New server status: My current "best guess" is that the new server will be online early next week (sometime between Monday and Wednesday). We have the computer hooked up, and will be moving all the goods to it over the next couple days. Of course, those goods include more than 3 million pictures uploaded... so it's hard to say exactly when that will be finished. But I think that early next week is a pretty good guess. Please bear with some slow page loads between now and then -- help is coming!" I just love these guys! We are never in the dark as to what if going on at Bonanzle. Now on top of the new server other new features have been added as well like the "wish list" and the "save for later", search and replace of item descriptions to batch editor, batch edit now gives user a warning before doing something that can't be undone, just so much is happening this week! Another plus for a lot of sellers is the flat rate international shipping that has also been added. This morning I seen on the boards that Auction Wally is now doing a show on Monday nights called "Brainstorming Bonanzle", that will be a live call in show! Starting Monday, November 17,2008 at 8 p.m. eastern time, Auction Wally with co-host Mitzi Swisher will be doing the show live with call ins and of course the live chat! Make sure that you go to to register before the show. Then go to so that you can follow the shows. The last Bonanzle show was a blast and very informative. Make sure that you get a user ID and password set up before the start time, don't want to miss anything. With a listing count of 297129 and 7898 users that is a lot of items and nice folks to work with.


  1. Thank you so much for putting a post about the show on your blog.
    Mitzi and I have a great feeling about the show!

    The new Bonanzle server should do us all well. The site is going to need it the way it's growing.

  2. The site will be down tonight starting at 10 p.m. pst Here is to a super fast site tomorrow and all of the following days ahead for Bonanzle! I am still thrilled with the new server that is 8x faster! WOW!


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