Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What A Fabulous Day At Bonanzle!

Yesterday had to be one of the most exciting days for me and a lot of other folks on Bonanzle ! The membership grew 295 new Bonanzle members in just 24 hours! Bonanzle was featured on local Seattle news station King 5 TV! You can view the interview here:
http://www.king5.com/video/featured-index.html?nvid=299504 make sure you have a look! On top of all the excitement, we are getting or have a new server that is being set up that is 8x faster! This morning I learn of two new features, one we can now have a wish list and a save it for later list! Bill also hooked us up a couple of days ago to be able to do a completed items search! I don't think this guy sleeps! The site was slow yesterday and after checking out the Bonanzle membership count, just chalked it up to those growing pains! Bonanzle is still unofficially #10 on the PSU listing count board! With a listing count of 277284 this morning and 7340 members I would say they are some growing pains. Things are so sweet at Bonanzle! I do have to get back to showing off some of the items for sale at Bonanzle, the holidays are here. I ran across this Bonanzle Booth Louisiana Frillseeker http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/LouisianaFrillseeker# check out this Antique Iron Wagon Wheel. This would look so awesome in the front yard with flowers and vines in the spring!
Antique Iron Wagon Wheel $50.00 I just love this! This Amish Tray is just fabulous!
Amishtray_thumb200 Amish Tray, Hand-made, Hand-Painted Primitive Wood $20.00 This is just a wonderful find!
Hand-made Wood Chair w/ Rush Seat, 17" high $10.00 This is just super and for 10 bucks you can't beat it! I have also found another great Bonanzle Booth called Edi's Treasures
http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/Edi I was amazed at the Treasures in this Bonanzle Booth!

171455903_tp_thumb200 Sterling 925 Lapis Lazuli wire wrap Pendant $26.00
Can you believe the price? This is handmade! Wouldn't this be something great to find your name on? There are these wonderful earrings too!
Earrings handmade wire work with Amazonite $10.00 Can you believe the price!
wire wrap magnetic Hematite ring adjustable $12.00 There are so many great finds at Bonanzle! With the holiday shopping here what a better place to start your shopping! Remember most Bonanzle Booth owners are still taking Money Orders! Come on over to Bonanzle, find some real good deals, and met some real nice folks!


  1. What great finds, Brightest! And the growth spurt has been amazing, truly. Thanks for keeping us up to date, and your bonanzle finds are wonderful to browse!


  2. WHAAAAT????? It's me and my wagon wheel!!! I'm so pleased to see my wares in this blog. Thank you so much, brightest!


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