Friday, October 31, 2008

Bonanzle Unofficially #10 On The PSU Listing Count Board

It's unofficial but according to the listing counts this morning, Bonanzle is #10 on the PSU listing count board! PSU has still not found it in their hearts to add the ever growing site to their board. With 264410 listings this morning and 6775 users, Bonanzle has no where to go but up! I know there are a lot of people mad with e-bay, but you have to stop and think for a minute. They really did all of us a favor! I mean if they hadn't went from bad to worse, we would have all just continued to pay listing fees, store fees and high final value fees. Not had any control over our business right down to which method of payment we would take. We would have all just stood there and took it. I guess I would like to tell the person in charge Thank You! You pushed me into looking at other sites and I am so thankful that you did! I was invited to come and have a look at Bonanzle. I can list in under 60 seconds, take the payment methods I want to take, I have no listing fees, no booth fees and the final value fees are a third of e-bay. Not to mention the community there at Bonanzle, they are the most fun I have ever had at a site! They are not ugly and ready to blast you for a question that you ask, there is always someone there to help. The customer support is real, not canned auto responses. So thank you big guy at e-bay, if you hadn't pushed so hard, I would have never looked at Bonanzle and what a real shame that would have been! I love Bonanzle and having control over MY business again! Thank you Bonanzle for being here!


  1. Amen! Thanks to eBay's greed, we all at Bonanzle have found the sweetest place to Buy and sell online today....That is reflected in the steady growth in users and listings. And there are alot of users that have signed up at Bonanzle that do not have a booth....that my friends means there are many there that are strictly pure shoppers!
    Anyone who hasnt checked out Bonanzle really needs to...and brace yourself...for this site is a blast of fresh air!

  2. Someone told me one of the problems might be that there is no way to check listings on Bonanzle yet except manually.


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