Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bonanzle Booth Owners Are Heard Again

You know the site is growing rapidly when they have to schedule a down time again to add more memory. This is wonderful news, so today Wednesday, January 14, 2009 Bonanzle will be down starting at 2:30 pm PST. Bill figures no more than thirty minutes.

Bonanzle is set up as default to view the highest to lowest in price in a Bonanzle booth. For months sellers have wanted to be able to set up their booth to view the way they would like to show their items. Well now they can with a subscribing membership. We are now in need of a third server! If there wasn"t any growth, this would not be needed, so this is a good thing.

Bill has also set up a shipping default, that each seller can set up in their Bonanzle booth. This is also a feature that has been voted on and is now active.

You can read more of Bill Bonanlze Blog and see what is going on at night while you are sleeping. Bill also keeps everyone up to speed with the "what's new" page. Here he lists what he has worked on or working on.

You see at Bonanzle the voice is heard by voting on what is next, by the community. We are not seen as noise. If there is a feature that you would like to see and it is not listed, there is also a place to submit it also. You as a seller are heard at Bonanzle.

Bonanzle is still holding a strong #5 on the PSU board and soon to take the #4 spot! With 811,159 listings and 19,862 users no wonder we are in need again of another server. If you are not a subscribing member, please think about it. We are talking about $10 a month. You couldn't have a web site of your own for that. Remember every time that you want a feature, someone has to pay for it. This is a business and it takes money to run a business.

Considering that there are 3,964 Bonanzle booth owners, and only 270 of them are subscribing members! This some how just doesn't wash. That's a whole lot of booths using a whole lot of memory, running time on a server at no cost to them. We are talking about .34 cents a day to have your business on line. I do believe that everyone can find .34 cents a day to invest in their business. Thirty-four cents a day to invest in their future.

Bonanzle has given the small sellers a place to sell and have fun again in doing so. Bonanzle has given us back control of our business. Isn't it worth ten bucks a month?

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