Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bonanzle Named #1 e-bay Alternative by Small Business

A well deserved congratulations to Bill and Mark and the whole Bonanzle community for making Bonanzle the #1 e-bay alternative. This was released yesterday by Small Business . Voted on by the readers, e-Crater came in the second spot.

A couple of milestones this week for Bonanzle! Hitting a million listings and #1 e-bay alternative both in one week. Just a WOW week for Bill and Mark! A job well done by the whole Bonanzle community! You can read more about it "Mentions and Achievements for January 27 - 28" at Bill's Bonanzle blog.

With the weather the way that it has been across the country, what a wonderful time to make use of the shut in time. Use this time to start making your crafts for upcoming holidays. I have found some really great deals on Bonanzle.

Hopechest Bonanzle Booth has lots of great deals for crafting! A wonderful seller and very quick to ship.
1169316642-16808-0_thumb200_thumb200 Heart Charm / Pendant $1.00 This would make a great bead necklace or macrame choker. Valentine's day is coming!
Scannedimage-18_thumb200 Boxed set of Wood Mount Rubber stamp $3.99 Stamps are great for making your own greeting cards. This set has a thinking of you stamp!
Dscf0466_thumb200 Lot of Alphabet Beads and Seed beads $2.99 The alphabet beads uses are endless! Keychains, earrings, chokers, bracelets, a great way to express yourself. Hopechest excepts PayPal, Money Orders and Cash, she also combines shipping.

I found some really great deals on supplies and kits in Beewitching Items Bonanzle Booth! June does combine shipping and excetps PayPal and Money Orders.
Bearlatch_thumb200 Latch Hook Kit $3.98 These make great wall hangings. Make a macrame hanger, paint a wooden dowl and you have a wonderful walll hanging. Make ver nice pillows too.
Pcparrotkit_thumb200 Parrot and Rainbow Mobile Kit $2.49 This is just to cute!
Netdarningamericana2_thumb200 Net Darning Kit $3.59 These are very quick and east to do. An awesome gift for Valentine's day or Easter!

Now for those of you that are into beading, Bead Bowl a fairly new Bonanzle booth has some awesome beads! She is a great seller, very quick to ship. She excepts Google Checkout, Money Orders and PayPal, she also has a teriffic shipping discount!
Rosesquare_thumb200 Rose Marble Square Glass Beads $3.00 Perfect color for Valentines Day!
Greenturtle_thumb200 Green Turtle Stone Pendant $10.00 What a super choker this would make!
Multiglassbeadstube_thumb200 Multi Glass Tube Beads $2.00 Just kewl beads for a macrame choker or keychain!

Bonanzle has 1,008,837 listings and 23,891 users this morning! There are so many different items on Bonanzle to choose from and the folks there are the friendliest you will meet!

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