Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bonanzle Gives To The Little Seller and The Government Takes Away

Wow so much has happened and going to happen to small sellers. Last year it was e-bay running all of the small sellers off and now this year our own government is trying to close down the little guy. What gives? Bonanzle comes to save the little guy last year with a breath of fresh air and fun, to give us hope again and now CPSIA wants to just close their doors for good.

My take on all of this is that our government has embarrassed itself so badly that now it has to do something quickly to show just how caring they really are. Yeah, right, when pigs fly. They should have banned all children items from China from the start. But, let's wait until we have to do something and punish the masses, who have done nothing.

Let me say that we have seven children and they all wore handme downs. Toys too were also handed down from one child to the next and lets not forget the wooden painted a few times crib! Their baby blankets were all made by me, they all still have them and now the nine grandchildren have one too. Guess what? They are still all alive and healthy! But that was when things were made right here, in the United States NOT imported from China!

I can't even imagine not being able to buy used baby clothes. This is just mind boggling! How in the world in this ecomony are parents supposed to do it? I purchased a lot of baby clothes a few weeks ago for a granddaughter that were in excellent shape for only $35. She will be set for the winter months. What are people raising children going to do?

If you think the ecomony is bad now, just let the government take more control of your life. The more we depend on them, the more control they have. People need to get off their seat and on their feet and start challanging this government. Which I thought worked for the people, however in todays world maybe just a select few.

CALL your reps. don't e-mail and fax them. They have a delete button too! How easy is that to make it go away. Jam up their phone lines, which by the way YOU pay for, give them no rest. Not just the sellers need to be making those calls either, the buyers do as well. Make them start working for you, the ones that pay them.

Boanzle came along last year and gave all of the little sellers something to look forward to. A wonderful new venue to buy and sell on at a price we could all afford to do. Not to mention a voice on the site as well, that is listened to. Don't let your government shut down your business or your choice in buying.

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