Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bonanzle Supporting Membership Perks

The growth of Bonanzle is making history I am sure. Not to mention that the way that it has grown with grass roots efforts of the community. Bonanzle has given the little seller back everything that e-bay has taken away. We have control of our business again.

Bonanzle is free to list, free booth and the final value fees are nothing to worry about. However, if you wish to a sponsoring member it does have its perks.

One of the greatest things of becoming a sponsoring member, besides the fact that you are helping to build a better and faster running site, is that you are able to have Google Analytics. This is such a powerful tool. It lets you know where your traffic is coming from and where your promoting is, well just a waste of time. Are your paid ads really paying off for you? If not, time to move on to something more productive.

Another one of the perks and this caused quite a commotion in the forums, is the ability to turn off the Amazon Review on your listing. This is something that loads of people were upset about, why I am not sure, it has been there since day one and then all of a sudden, BAM everyone was up in arms about it.

Once again Bill and Mark listened to the community.They decided that if this was something that you could not live with then they would throw that in as one of the sponsering perks.

There are more perks for the ever so tiny fee of $10 a month. Or you can go with the premier member ship of $24 a month. Your items will appear in the search where the Google ads use to be. NO this does NOT raise your search standing! Your items are twice as likely to be shown on the front page, which is cool, however how many people are coming to buy are going to sit and stare at the front page? Not to mention that if you are bringing your buyers to the site, aren't you using a direct link to your booth?

I look at the small fee of $24 a month as an investment in my furture. Bonanzle has given me control over my business and not asked for anything in return. Sure I know things are tight, however this is business, ten dollars a month can be saved on the sodas or mochas that are bought without even thinking about it. Not to mention those trips to burger world. We can all find ten dollars a month to run our business and invest in our furture.

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