Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bonanzle Up and Down Day

What an up and down day yesterday was for Bonanzle. The listing counts on the PSU board started going down, really down. Needless to say Bonanzle is back in #5 spot, but not for long. Before the end of the day Bonanzle will be back in the #4 spot.

This just means that we probably won't hit the million listing count until Monday. That's ok, I like playing fair and in a safe community.

Of course people watch the listing board and the number of users at Bonanzle. When the listings started heading south, questions started being asked, just what is going on?

Mark showed up at the PSU forum to let everyone know that "they were cleaning the ranch." In another thread on Bonanzle Bill showed up to say, "Hehehe… sorry to all you betters, but we recently took down a 50,000 item booth that had a bit of a fishy history behind it. That’ll set us back a couple days on the road to one million, but we always err on the side of caution when deciding which items can be sold and which can’t.

Knowing Bonanzlers, we’ll have the 50k items back and then some within the next couple days!"


Bonanzle is the only site where the owners will come to forums to answer questions. These guys are so on top of issues, even before they happen. Here a couple of weeks ago, there were a few folks that thought they would get on the front page of the booths page. So, if you favorite me, I will favorite you. So there were a few that went plum crazy.

This morning in Bill's Bonanzle Blog, the issue has been resolved. Here is part of the blog:

Booth favorites limited to 15 per month since registration and 75 total (that is, if you registered 3 months ago, you can mark 15*3 = 45 favorites). Being marked as a "favorite" of a user is intended to be a special designation, but with our previously unlimited booth favoriting, there was no reason a seller couldn't sign up and "favorite" 500 booths the next day, and presumably get a number of those booths to favorite them in return to increase their standings in the list of "most favorited booths" list. In implementing this limit, we hope to make favoriting an even more special designation, while still allowing our longer-time users the opportunity to favorite a bunch of booths (we know it's can be hard to choose which are the best of the best!). Note that if you are currently in excess of these limits, you'll still have all your favorites intact, but you won't be able to add new favorites until you're under the limit.

This next issue is so wonderful to the small seller, and I thank Bonanzle for this.
Booths limited to 10,000 items*. This goes hand-in-hand with the blog post from a couple weeks ago about not letting Bonanzle get overrun by drop shipping merchants, big box stores, or other mega-merchants. Bonanzle has grown because of grassroots efforts by small sellers; it's our vision to ensure that Bonanzle will always be a hospitable place to the sellers who have helped to create us. We think that this limit should help promote an atmosphere where no one seller could ever dominate policy (or hog buyers) on Bonanzle as we grow. (* because we're willing to fudge the limit a bit for users that have already registered and who have cool merchandise, like moviemagicusa with his 15k-ish items)

These are just a couple of the new things at Bonanzle, you will have to read the rest of Bill's Blog to find out the rest. Really is a great read. This guy really does have a sense of humor!

Bonanzle has 21,789 users and 927,062 listings this morning. Bonanzle is a breath of fresh air!

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