Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bonanzle Users Are Nuts??

Bonanzle has once again made the news. Weird Wednesday with Wally - Bonanzle users are nuts! A good kind of nuts. This article was written by Auction Wally. Well ok, I would have to agree with this statement. It would be to hard to disprove.

This is what happens when people are allowed to be people. People should be allowed to have fun at work or it just isn't worth doing. How boring to go to work everyday and have no fun, just go and put in your time. Makes for a very long day.

This is also what happens in a grass root effort to build a site from the ground up. Just think, Bonanzle has only been out of Beta since Sept. 2008. They have made it to the PSU Board at #5 with 686751 listings and lets not forget to mention the 18367 members!

If this is nuts, may the whole United States go nuts! I can only imagine what would happen if everyone got this excited about their job. Sales would go up, customer service would be number one again, and people would be happy. Not to mention the products made in the US would again be worth buying.

Bonanzle is a happy place. No listing fees, no booth fees and the final value fees are nothing to worry about. Listing time is under 2 minutes with uploading and croping pictures at the time of listing. Customer service is really customer service, with real e-mail responses from real people. What's not to go nuts over?

Here's to Bonanzle and the whole United States going nuts!

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