Sunday, January 25, 2009

Live Auction At Bonanzle

The live auction on Bonanzle yesterday was a success not to mention fun! Auction Wally did a wonderful job of keeping things going, of course with the help of his wife, Shelly.

This was the first live called auction ever to be done on Bonanzle. You needed to have two tabs open one on for the sound and the other at AuctionWally's Bonanzle booth to bid. There were only bids in the booth and chat was happening on the talkshoe chat.

I believe that Auction Wally is on to something here with the live auctions and I do believe that they will take off at a rapid rate of speed. Only shows you what a little thought and creativity can lead to.

Bonanzle is on course to hit a million listings for tomorrow. Even after the "clean up" of listings that were pulled of about 50,000. This was done by the Bonanzle owners. This morning there are 22,656 users and 977,801 listings.

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  1. Thanks so much again Dede, the thing that amazed me about this, is how much fun it was for me.

    Because of the way the Bonanzle platform works, I had no doubt that the auction would work. But what I didn't realize, is that these would truly be as much fun for me as one of my auction hall auctions. Even more so, as the overhead and stress associated with those types of auctions was not present.

    I can't want until the next one!



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