Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bonanzle Quickly Becoming A Household Name

Tomorrow the Auction Wally show on Brainstorming Bonanzle will be on at 8 p.m. est time. Mitzi of Vintagegoodness, has decided that time is just not permitting her to co-host the show any longer. She will be missed! However, she did say that she will be dropping in from time to time. Going to hold her to it.

Still no word on the Wallstreet talk yet. Have been checking all of the avenues that I know to check daily. Still waiting......

I was very pleased with my children last night. They know that mom will not shop on the bay any longer. When I had first set up my Bonanlze booth they looked around Bonanzle and I was informed, "Bonanzle doesn't have anything!"

Well last night, I was totally shocked to see both of them on Bonanzle looking at items. Each was on a different computer in different parts of the house. When the boys are impressed with something, you know you now have their attention. They both let me know that making a decission to move to Bonanzle was probably a good thing to do.

Then this morning when my grandson was on his grandpa's computer I hear him yelling at my son Bonanzle is spelled B-O-N-A-N-Z-L-E right? I about fell out! How could this be? He is only 9 years old and using Bonanzle. Of course he was looking for the newest craze "Bakugans" and he found them on Bonanzle. He was so excited and I too was excited!

This was making history in my house, it use to be "did you check e-bay?" and now I don't even have to ask they are going right to Bonanzle on their own. Talk about word of mouth. These teens are the best word of mouth you can get. They talk to all of their friends who talk to their other friends and parents too. Not to mention they do spend money.

is quickly becoming a household name!

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  1. What an inspiring story! Thank you for bringing a huge smile to my face this evening.


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