Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bonanzle Hit A Million Listings!

According to the PSU listing board Bonanzle has over a million listings this morning at 10:09 est the listing board showed 1,001,927. 1/27/2009) This is yet another milestone for Bonanzle!

Bonanzle has achieved this in 5 months, something that took e-Bay 2 years to do. Something to be said for those noisy flee market sellers. There has been no paid marketing, only the grassroots efforts of its community. The user count this morning is at 23,244.

There is also a new catagory page being worked on. This is in Bill's blog this morning. The page is full, however it is not cluttered or overwhelming. The new page is going to feature items from the premiere subscribers.

Come on over to Bonanzle!

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