Friday, January 9, 2009

A Few Changes At Bonanzle

Bonanzle has been moving right along the last few days. Some changes for the good have taken place and loved.

Last week Bill gave us a new packing slip to use. It now has the Bonanzle logo on it and we can also enter a message to the buyer. Just to kewl!

This week he has enabled us to make simple Bonanzle widgets. He has made step by step instructions to follow. All of the glitches seem to be worked out. Check out the right side over there. That is the new one!

He has also enabled a search for the year sales. This is something that lots of folks have been asking for. Once again ask and you shall receive on Bonanzle, where your vote really does count.

Bonanzle is holding a strong 5th place on the PSU listing board this morning, with 701387 listings. There are 18556 members and 3602 of those users have a booth.

Have a wonderful Bonanzle day!

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